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Panasonic GH5 Overview Tutorial (Stills & Video)

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Our free, 2-hour ULTIMATE video guide for the GH5 based on our real-world experience shooting stills and video. Other camera tutorials are at …


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  1. Thank you Tony and Chelsea! Your tutorials along with "Stunning Digital Photography" are incredible. You're helping me learn, step by step how to use my Panasonic G85. Thank you!

  2. 1) My photos are not the same as whats displayed on the screen or viewfinder. I cant see adjustments until after I take the pic.

    2) How do I make so that when I snap a photo, it automatically previews it

  3. Thank you very much for this video. I’m 25 minutes into it so far and it been super helpful, I just got my GH5 3 days ago. Haha I was just playing with it and I was thinking thinking A was ‘automatic’ 🤣. So far I’m learning tons of stuff

  4. You ROCK Tony. Can't wait to get a GH5, you help us all so much. Your depth is astounding, balanced as well as critical. Will advertise your wonderful books as soon as I get sorted as a small return for your own generosities. You are both tops Tony & Chelsea Northrup. Thanks again. Truly appreciated. Five Stars!

  5. When I record a video clip at the highest resolution it will not copy to my phone. If I use the next setting lower the video will transfer to my phone via wifi….is this the way it should work ?

  6. What a great video and just an informative video. Nice work and thanks for posting. Will watch more of your videos. Personable as well and just someone you want to watch. Will recommend to others.

  7. Thank you Tony for a wonderful tutorial on GH5.
    When I turn the drive mode dial to burst mode, I am not getting the option of changing the rate from fast to medium to slow after pressing the Q menu button Fn2. Is it that I don't have the appropriate Firmware update, or am I missing something? Will appreciate your or other viewers' advice.

  8. hi guys! A bit late but was wondering if you could tell me why your REC QUALITY showed 5 options while on MP4 format, whereas mine only shows this on MOV. There are only 3 available options when I choose MP4

  9. EXCELLENT VIDEO! HIGHLY INFORMATIVE! THANK YOU! I HATE user manuals and I just got my GH5 and am facing a moderate learning curve but your great video tutorial helped me TREMENDOUSLY! Thank You again!

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