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Panasonic GF7 Hands-on Review

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The Panasonic GF1(http://bit.ly/PanaGF1) and GF2(http://bit.ly/PanGF2) were popular mirrorless cameras because of their small size and features that attracted …


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  1. I'm upgrading from a GF6.. I've narrowed down to GF7 or E-PL7 .. any educated opinion?.. I wish there was a DigitalRev review of the E-PL7, I came to depend on these awesome guys' reviews for my Photography needs.. I'm kinda also considering the GX7 but it's already on the heavy/large size for what I want.. GX8 is even bigger. THANKS!

  2. I want the Canon EOS 5DS you have there to but its over £2000 LOL.
    That is so much I don't even have that and would have to sell just about all I have to get that.
    Though must say the GF7 looks very good here to.

  3. I wish there was a way to block a channel from search results.
    EVERY camera model I type into youtube – I get this guys' miserable, annoying piggy face as the first result.

  4. I've got this camera and it takes awesome video, really good image quality. However, it makes such an annoying noise when the autofocus is on. How could I fix that? Would I need a different lense or not even that would solve it? Thanks!

  5. Use one of these with a tiny tele zoom or pancake prime when I've got to take photos in places I'm not supposed to take photos. The IQ is surprisingly good, my results showed it was on par with pro dslr from 2012!

  6. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I bought a GF7 but it's the japan version, and it does not have a "language" version. I cannot find a new firmware nor the english version. There are no update firmwares on the panasonic web.

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