Home Photography Panasonic GF2 vs Olympus E-PL2 – which is better?

Panasonic GF2 vs Olympus E-PL2 – which is better?

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We’ve taken a look at both cameras in separate reviews, but we got a lot if questions asking us – which is better? The GF2(http://bit.ly/PanGF2) or …


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  1. @jollyjoker712 oh thanks…since then i bought the nex-3 and was really happy with the results until i printed out a photo…it doesnt create good prints at 8×10. So looks like i wont be happy until i get another dSLR…

  2. Yes, olympus and panasonic lenses are interchangeable without the need for an adapter. They both use the Micro Four Thirds mount, which means all Micro Four Thirds lenses work on any Micro Four Thirds Camera, no matter the brand.

  3. Couldn't watch whole video…presenter IMO sucks. Sadly…there arent a lot of video reviews of the GF2.  His other…when he compares the product to his experience with a lady date…I had to laugh.  As if this nerd dated anything beyond his left hand! LMAO.

  4. 8 years later and I'm in the process of getting a GF2 for multiple reasons.

    1. The 2nd hand market price is about half that the E-PL2, (new price is about 2/3rds)
    2. The EVF attachment is about half that of the E-PL2's

    The viewfinder for me is the most important factor in purchasing a camera as it makes composing shots in bright sunlight easier, and also saves battery life considerably. It would honestly make more sense to me to make a camera with ONLY an evf and no actual screen.

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