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Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use natural light and fill flash with digital photography

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  1. I just love the way you explain things I just got my 5D mark 3 and I went through a lot of videos and you're the only one that I could understand more so thank you very much I will be getting your book

  2. I do a lot of outdoor/location photography and I use many of the techniques here but with a twist; I use all off camera flash. It allows you get some modeling in rather than just illuminate shadows and flat lighting. And I always work totally in manual using my "old reliable s", my Sunpak 522's. 1 or two bounced into white umbrellas. Light metering is done with a Sekonic L-358 incident/flash meter. I meter the ambient scene and get the basic all around exposure. I then adjust the main (key) fill flash to give me between 20-25% contribution. This provides a very natural appearance. The key to really good fill flash photography is to balance natural and strobe lighting so it does not look like you used flash at all.

  3. Nice snapshots, but a real professional would not use light so flat that it erases facial features. And how does turning on a flash make a picture sharper?

    Just more useless crap on the Internet.

  4. No detail on how to get the flash to work with the camera and image so as not to over power the image. Was camera on AV and flash on TTl?? Any adjustments to flash power?? That into would help a lot.

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