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Outdoor Portrait Retouching in Photoshop Lightroom (Natural Light)

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Download the sample file at http://sdp.io/OutdoorPortrait Chelsea teaches you to retouch outdoor portraits using Lightroom! She’ll show you how to improve the …


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  1. Nice job Chels,

    I like that you mentioned the green tone in her skin.  I can't really see it on my monitor.  So, if you hadn't explained that flaw, I would have never understood what you were doing nor why.  The  same for her skin correction.  It looked fine to me, but again, that was my monitor.  So, slowing down and explaining why you are doing things definitely helps me see where you are going.



  2. I usually download and edit the photo and only then I watch the video to compare what I did and what will Chelsea do… in  this case, the only thing that we both did the same, was the teeth whitening, and nothing else.
    I spent most of the time editing the exposure, contrast, shadows etc
    my photo ended up warmer with more vibrance and more contrast.. however I'm not sure which result I like more

    is it ok if I post my own result to the LR Facebook group?

  3. Chelsea, I notice that as you process, you are using a lot of your background as a model – trick of the trade in applying makeup.  I think this would make another great video.  What you a Tony do for us in our education is amazing…so thank you very much!

  4. Great video! Quick question… Is there a way to sort collections within collection sets? For example in the collection set 2014 I have the folders April, December, January, June etc. is there any way to customise this order so they appear January, February etc?

  5. Great video – I liked the lightening triangle created under the eyes and removal of blemishes later on in the process. Creation of shadows – dodge and burn…. and many other techniques. A very natural looking retouch. I learned a lot so thank you Chelsea!

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