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Our #1 Photo Editing Tip: Black & White Points

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  1. +Tony Northrup The easyest way & the best tip is to hold down the SHIFT button, then doubleklick on the white / black sliders. Then LR will auto fix the whitebalance for you.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip!! I like to use HDR technique, and sometimes the image becomes washed out at the end. Adjusting the black/white point really helps in retaining the natural contrast of my hdr image.

  3. All I can say is wow! The issues that were gone over this is video are issues that I have been struggling with. With this bit of information I am seeing better overall photos. Thanks a lot for going over this. Thank you very much Tony.

  4. I just watched this while editing some snow photos and I have to say this totally helped me get a better result. I always struggled with this. Snow looks nice and white and there is still detail in the subject without washing it out. Thanks Tony!!!

  5. In other words, Tony means:

    Before you send your photos into the live show make sure you have your black and white points sorted! Its really irritating fixing it for every photo!

    I think thats what he means

  6. Tony, do you know that if you hold down "Shift" and double click on the word "Whites", it will automatically set the white point? Well, sometimes it is way out but 80% of the time it works. Likewise for the blacks.

  7. This is a really helpful video. I've always used the histogram to judge my exposures, but you really explained the need to have a black point and white point still in the final image. I've tweaked quite a few of my recent edits after watching this and the fix the lack of punch I was looking for. Thanks!

  8. This video, paired with your recent histogram video, has completely changed how my pictures turn out. My pictures now have that extra punch of contrast thats been missing. Very, very helpful. Thank you!

  9. Hey Tony, amazing tip ! But I was wondering if you knew how to do the same in Capture one, as this is my main RAW processing software (any alteration that doesn't involve color, I would then use Photoshop). Keep up the great work ! Thanks !

  10. Can you define/clarify what you mean by "completely white" here? Those parts of the photos that you increased with the whites slider weren't necessarily "white", some were blue, magenta, etc., but you kept referring to them as "white".

  11. OMG I have watched countless videos about photography on youtube and for the FIRST time I finally know what are the first things to do when firing up Lightroom! None of the videos I watched explained what the slides are used for and their practical use. I love you man!

  12. Wow this particular tip really helps a lot for an early beginner like me. I just eyeball everything until it seems okay or good enough just to feel a little disappointed afterwards when I see my photo from my phone or another screen because it always turned out different from what I envisioned. Your videos are very helpful!

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