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Onewheel PINT REVIEW – Worth $950?

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  1. I think the Pint should be around $500 and the XR should be around $1,000 to be competitive. Most other Longboards that can go further and faster cost under $1,000

  2. These things are great, I will be ordering the XR here in the coming week for my commute to University. Seems like the best electric vehicle to use, its portable and has great range. Also easy to carry on a train. GOODBYE BUSES. Man i’m excited.

  3. Great video review, I'm looking forward to buy one. Any other brand that someone recommends? I definitely prefere to pay the Pint, looks you gets more for your money.

  4. "had the board for 14 months with repeated minor issues before it was no longer ridable and needed significant additional cost to repair and bring back to original working order. Had to send it in 2x. The first was 2 weeks after i received it because it overcharged and just shut off while i was riding and didnt turn on again, repairs were covered under warranty. In the next 13 months i was constantly reaching out for minor troubleshooting, like reduced range, inaccurate app information making it challenging to plan a trip and the board tilting up unexpectedly. Finally, to its demise, the range of the board dropped to 2 miles with constant inaccurate range assumption in the app putting me in the position to lug the board around or having to cab to my destination because i couldn't accurately plan my trip. I was a loyal customer for 5 years since their kickstarter days and bought 3 boards, the last being the XR. My constant support and numerous referrals still landed me with a $480 bill to get this lemon board back in working order. Customer service was challenging to work with suggesting i use financing for repairs when i express several times it's a matter of principle that i won't pay their invoice for a lemon board that will likely fail again and the disregard for my long lasting and extremely supportive relationship that in the end was one-sided. Will never buy another product from them again. Boostedboard is already publicly reaching out to me with discounts and promises to treat me like a valued customer."

  5. If you find my stolen OW+ with model number 0W028638 PLEASE CALL OR TEXT AUSTIN at (770)633-4612. It was stolen from my gated backyard in Carlsbad CA at 3:30AM on October 27, 2019. I wokeup and knew I left it in the open and went to bring it inside, and it was gone. Got on my scooter and road around the neighborhood, and when I get back home there's a blue hyundai elantra with CA plates idling outside my gate with their daytime lights on. As I approach from the front, he floored it INTO ME. He sped off and I called the cops to make a report. This is a OW made at the end of 2017 but I just opened it and it only has 13 miles on it. Please help me find my OW, I love it more than any toy I have ever had. I will prosecute the thief in the blue hyundai elantra if I ever find him. Thanks and much love.

  6. @matti : The design reason for the handle in the middle and not the side is cause the weight distribution is more centered. if you'd carry the front i'm pretty sure you'd feel a lot more strain in the arms as opposed to carrying it along the middle 🙂 taking an educated swing in the dark 😛 Hope i'm right 🙂

  7. Great video! Great review! One thought though…I owned the XR first and pickup up the Pint later. The biggest difference I noticed immediately that you didn’t mention in your video at all, was the difference in the shape of the wheel. It’s much more flat and stabile on the XR and much more rounded and unstable, but also more nimble on the Pint. Again, great video, great review. Just an additional thought

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