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  1. I think vlogging has helped me so much, i used to be so self conscious and hated talking to the camera, Now im like "I gotta get this content" and do not even think about my own ego. haha. I hate struggling with creativity. I hate watching my vlogs because i compare myself way too much to others. But at the end of the day i enjoy cameras, all the gear and animals. so no point in having film gear and not using it.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for your message in this video. I've been wrestling for a while now with the idea of starting a VLOG and doing some personal projects just for the sake of breaking out of photography and learning video. Photos are wonderful, but there is something about the way video, music, and a good story come together. Videos like this one are inspiring. Thanks again, and keep doing what you're doing.

  3. I feel this…thanks for talking about it. There are low times and there are extremely high times. But you know what's even worse than the low times? It's having the high creativity time and being stuck somewhere where you can do nothing about it (working on dayjob for example. Frustration is tearing you apart.

  4. you know what Matty…I initially like perters vlog a lot but once I started to watch your vlogs, I really find it very impressive and magnificent…You teach me hell lot of things…I love u man..

  5. You CANNOT begin to imagine how much I needed that, I have so many projects to make in my mind, but nobody creative to talk to, or go to for advice. Who here hasn't seen the face of boredom every time you try talking to somebody about what it is that you actually do?

  6. Hey Matti! Great video! The cuts in your dialogue are really smooth. What effect do you use? I've tried the morph transition tool but it has never worked for me. Be great to hear from you

  7. Man I just want to say thank you for all the time you‘re spending in making all this awesome films. I learn so much precious information. I really adore your work, thank you!

  8. hee Matti. Why are you wearing sunglasses outside in this vid?
    So many youtubers wear shades. To me it doesn't fit, especially in this video. You are telling a personal story, you are trying to connect to your audience. I enjoyed your story. But the shades hamper the connection, it's boring to look at dark eyes that don't say anything. Please quit with this stupid hype.

  9. This was super helpful. I love the idea that with more content there’s less pressure. Everything doesn’t rise and fall with one video. Also keeping the message your passionate about at the forefront will always help with inspiration. Thanks for making this!

  10. Man, i feel you. I constantly struggle with this, it's hard. I do care about the goal instead of the process and the only thing i get it's anxiety about getting approval and growth, so i realized that loving the now, embracing your process its the only way to make something real, independient and valuable.

    Mental health it's really important for creatives.

    Thank you!

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