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One Secret to our BEST photos

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  1. This was fantastic! The photos were great but man, those stories are insane. I have one photo hanging on our wall of a Bison I got last year. The photo is pretty good but the story of how I captured it gained a lot of traction in my home town. It had like 6k likes and views. It was pretty cool and everyone said the story hooked them. I love that. Please keep this series going.

  2. Great photos and stories to go with them guys! You two are awesome! I have to mention the part about saying “Peninsula” because we say this word so much describing where we live. Which is in the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s in the northernmost part of the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) surrounded on three sides by the majestic Lake Superior. It’s the coldest, largest and deepest of the Great Lakes. An amazing place to live. There is more forest than people. 🍁🕯☕️ 🌲 🌳 ⛵️🏕🛶🚢⚓️

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