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Olympus PEN E-P5 Hands-on Review

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4-years since the first digital Olympus PEN was released – the E-P1(http://bit.ly/E-P1Kit) – and we have been introduced to the E-P5(http://bit.ly/E-P5body). It’s the …


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  1. why does kai say they have reached the limit for sensor at 16MP –  the Sony RX100/M2 is smaller sensor and has 20MP ??   I think there is a balance of not putting to many pixels as the more the less light potentially each pixel gets
    Even a cell phone maker says they have a cell phone with 40MP – which is crazy as it is not improving IQ but and advertising gimmick  – I think 16MP is a nice balance as you can still print 25×25 which is a huge picture and most will never print that large of an image but each pixel still gets enough light  

  2. Pen E-P5 is a nice well built camera and has great IQ –  but no viewfinder and more expensive than the OMD-EM5 and the Panasonic Lumix GX7 which moth have a nice viewfinder – 
    So the Pen E-P5 needs an update or a big price drop –  but still a great camera

  3. "lights years" is a measure of distance, not time.  try "eons" instead.  😉 

    magnesium alloy is aluminum alloy.  alloy is different metals mixed together to improve their properties. aluminum alloy almost always uses magnesium as part of the elements making up the alloy.  magnesium alloy is just an incorrect way to call aluminum alloy. 

    Love your reviews btw. 

  4. Hrm.  I first watched this when the EP5 first came out, and again now nearly 18 months on as an EP5 owner. Before that I had the EP3, and I can unequivocally say that the 5 is a massive upgrade from the EP3.  I can only imagine how better it would be compared to the EP1. So while yes, it's not a groundbreaking camera, I think it's unfair to expect companies to put out 'groundbreaking cameras' every year, or heck, every 4 years. I mean, what has Canon done in the past 4 years? I've shot some great photos with my 5, and the build quality and user experience on the thing is just fantastic, and I think this video is more interested in attempting to do some sort of lame 'good cop / bad cop' comedy sketch than it is being an objective review. I realise that's DigitalREV's MO, but there's a point where you're not being funny and just being slanderous for your own amusement, and I think this video crossed that line.

  5. Kai the problem with the sony cameras and their larger sensor is as follows

    1. If they dont want to make huge lenses to cover their full frame sensors they have to make slow lenses negating their dof and image quality advantage. Because of this even if sony releases a multitude of lenses to have any advantage over the smaller m43 cameras at all you either have to adapt large heavy fast glass or buy sony fast heavy large glass. They shrank the camera which is nice. But they cant change the physics required to make lenses. Full frame can only go so small.
    2. M43 glass is better than any sony glass and other glass in general and sony will never have as many quality lenses available as m43 with over 8 major companies supporting the format (with more coming)
    3. Sony sucks at supporting their systems and drops them every few years resulting in you having to sell everything and upgrade to the next big thing

    The argument of apsc of m43 is funny yoo because m43 cameras like the em1 and ep5 and gx7 essentially outperform every apsc sensored camera on the market. Faster, more responsive, better image quality, smaller system, and better looking cameras. I can carry my gx7 with a 45mm 1.8 on it (I adore the 90-100mm focal length because my first fast glass was an adapted 50mm 1.4 FL) a 20mm 1.7 in one coat pocket and my adapted canon FL 85mm 1.8 (one of the best 85mm lenses ever made for the leica screw mount. The 85mm 1.8 ltm which sells for 1400-2000 dollars and was later witched to the new FL mount while maintaining the exact same optical design. Its extremely compact for a full frame lense because of the solid aluminum all manual construction. Its an over 60 year old design but is almost identical in design to the current 90mm f2 asph from leica. The only difference is that leica has the one aspherical surface while the canon is all spherical. This lens is so sharp that it is at least the equal of the 20mm 1.7 and 45mm 1.8 in sharpness with a fantastic low contrast and beautiful skin tones) in the the other. If I want to I can add a second camera body, like my g6, to affix one of the lenses to or attach my 14-42 to permanently for image stabilized video and still weigh less and be smaller and less obtrusive than the equivalent apsc setup. Its a fantastic way to walk around and shoot.

    Its fine to not prefer m43 but you should know what your talking about and not slander it. It is a great system and offers many benefits. It's the best low light system there is period. All being said just about every system is equal in image quality and usability. But when it comes to lenses, size, and low light usability m43 takss all comers

  6. The most important improvement is 5-axis image stabilization, very useful with manual lenses that I use. Lumix GX7 also m4/3 camera, IS system is next to useless and I own both.

  7. ZZZZZZZZZZZ……. Oh, sorry, I fell asleep…. Why do I even bother to watch this guy, he never really says much that's positive…. Always numerous things wrong with every camera he's testing but no real world experience.

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