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Olympus 17mm f/1.8 Review

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A review of Olympus’ latest silvery, pumpy-actioned lens: the 17mm f/1.8(http://bit.ly/Olympus17mm). Pricing Reference: …


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  1. It´s been a year since I last watched a DigitalRev ¨review¨ and today it´s even more about the reviewer´s quirkiness and less about the actual shooting experience. Looks forced and a little annoying to me. Moving on.

  2. Complete crap before? You better not be talking about my E-1 and 12-60mm f2.8. The E-1 does amazing things, really, I have an e-m1 and I still take my giant E-1 out, massive battery grip and all, to shoot with because it's just amazing. Ok the E-3 isn't s great camera and certainly today it isn't really even a good camera but olympus were always making amazing lenses and they did make some great cameras.
    P.S the e-10 and e-20 still have legs. I demand a digital Rev segment where you pair pros with old (like 10 years minimum) pro kits.

    People should be out there with classic digital cameras, there are a few gems out there, the e-10/20 and the E-1 amongst them.

    On second thought, scratch that. I don't want to start paying more than $75 for an E-1 body.

  3. according to amazon , the snapshot mechanism is activated simply by pulling the focusing ring back, with distance and depth of field indicators that allow users to focus without looking at the camera screen.?

  4. Hi, thank you for this amazing review. I really love this lens. However, I came across a weird issue with recording in C-AF mode. This is my go-to lens and I often switch between shooting and recording. But when I'm recording in C-AF, the lens is making weird "clapping" sound as it tries to focus. With S-AF or MF, there is no problem. I'm using Olympus ELP-7 body. As I read on many discussion, this is a mechanic issue and it's not cause by users. Can you please check this behaviour and advice, what to do? I reached Olympus service and I'm waiting for the answer, however it looks like I have to pay 120EUR for repair. I'm based in Berlin, Germany. Do you think that newest models have already fixed this issue? Best. Hana VIDEO EXAMPLE:

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