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Nobody in Hollywood is Talking About This!

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  1. You guys have to understand, that HOllywood is no longer a factor in the world. Its only a factor in english-speaking comunities around the world (Ex-slave camps) Civilizied people do not watch American movies, nor amrican music or art from more then a decade. In fact, English language very soon will be remoed from EU because UK leaves and international language will become German, not English. So … get used to with it.

  2. always stunned at hard drug users keep telling themself "marijuana is a gateway drug" been smoking for 14 years. since i was 16 and never felt the urge to go further. that claim is stupid and should never be used again. it all comes down to you as a person and how strong or how much knowledge you actually have saved up there, before you go all crazy with every drugs available, and no being young is not an excuse to be stupid. i see and will always see cannabis as a sort of my own meditation. helped me handle alot in life for sure. but you can over use anything that's where knowledge comes back to help you again.

  3. I’ve recently been born again as of Nov. 2018. I always believed in God and became a lukewarm Christian over time. I did shrooms, drank, but mostly smoked pot everyday. I look back and can’t believe how patient Jesus has been waiting for me (I’m 38). I have been saved by an angel or Jesus (not sure at the time) at least twice, but possibly 3 times. A voice told me to let off the gas pedal when I was going through an intersection, as soon as I did, a truck blew a stop sign that would have killed me. I also fell asleep at the wheel another time and WOKE up while driving sitting upright and very much positioned like a robot. I ended up on the other side of town somehow! Fell into a pool’s deep end as a child, somehow my mother knew to check on me and pulled me out. I had another experience where I was praying for a relative that was brutally murdered and burned alive years prior. I was HIT like a sledgehammer with unexplainable peace and joy. Instantly tears poured out of my eyes and I had the breath sucked out of me, totally winded. It was like I was experiencing the joy of heaven but my human body could not handle it! I also experienced an interaction with several demons in the basement of a psychic lady’s house who summoned them and spoke to them nightly. The fear and anger I felt as their eyes pierced my soul was like nothing of this earth……,over and over and over Jesus was calling me!!! I was too much of a fool to notice, even though I believed in Him! In November of 2018, after a minor argument with my fiancée, I heard a demon’s voice talk to me telepathically in my mind- “I hate you, I’ll kill you and tear your family apart.” With the most conviction in my soul I commanded that thing to leave my house in the name of Jesus Christ. Every room in the house I yelled at it. I felt our Lord blast through my house and beat those things down! Whoosh gone! I prayed and thanked him and repented for allowing them to get close to me. He talked to me telepathically asking me questions and made me feel the guilt of my sins. Lots of information as a sort of psychic download into my heart and mind simultaneously. Question 1: “After all I’ve done for you, what have you done for Me, and others?” Question 2: “Am I NOT enough for you?” Then, the weight of my sins lifted, it was incredible. Since that moment, I’ve had no desire to drink, smoke, blaspheme, masterbate, be angry, stressed out or sin at all. Wanting to share love with no other possible explanation. I notice the tiniest signs he puts in my path….I see them right away and chuckle, seeing He really does work in mysterious ways. I fully understand how to have a relationship with him and not need to physically see or hear our relationship. He is incredible people! Let him into your heart! I had felt in my soul the the extremes of joy and sorrow in my soul, through just some of my life experiences….. Feeling the presence of God and Satan deep inside through strange encounters. For that, I am blessed to KNOW Christianity is the truth, yet I STILL tried to not fully commit. He wants us all to repent and accept Him. He actually told me this! Don’t think you can sin all your life and God will be OK with it. He really will reward you if you follow with all your heart!!

  4. Im so glad this invent, these shiftless wasted ptoduct people need the devil and his coctail to kill their dumbass. Thank God, si many prople unwanted alive so they should sell the tickets cheaper so more can go

  5. This thing people call god is hiding from everyone except for does that continue to search. If one thinks they have found god and stop searching they just missed it. All drugs will keep god away. Everyone is looking for that explosive miracle or an incredible feat of magic. Go see a magic show. Gods in one of the leaves on a giant tree and everyone that find it will find it familiar and has always been there. It can't be given to one. God like love is third. One must find two other things before god will get close to one. Wishing nothing but good for you.

  6. Hey so what about explaining WHY Beiber cancelled his tour? And what about the books Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, and a Course in Miracles? Also, what about the book of utmost importance, Pawns in the Game?

  7. WOW! So some teacher went to one if these festivals, and became possessed by an evil spirit/ or demon? I believe it…..if someone leaves themselves in a situation where they're open to evil coming in …things like that can happen! People don't always realize what they're messing around with.

  8. People it's high really high time to surrender yourself to God…..we are in last generation and the current of Satan is really strong to pull us away from God because he doesn't want to be alone in eternal flames (HELL)…
    DEAR people hell is really terrific, terrible and it's real.
    God bless ,God saves.

  9. How come jesus and christianity is the one and tru religion and everything else is satan lol theres literally no evidence that religion is legit and theres alot of evidence pointing to it being created to control people pretty crazy peoppe belive the governmemt will do all these crazy thing but they wpuldnt dare mess with your bibles rite

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