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Nikon Z7 Review: People are MAD at us

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We respond to your comments about the Nikon Z7 review, address concerns about reviewing beta/pre-production firmware, discuss single vs dual card slots, …


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  1. May I say something? You have personal preferences which many photographers do not really bother about and you make mountains out of mole hills. For example, focus breathing was a big discussing point for you but Patrick Hall of f-stoppers made a video reviewing 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses and said clearly that he was shooting for years with Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II and never worried about focus breathing. Similar views were expressed by others too on youtube.

    Now it is about single card slot. Your preference for dual card slots may be shared by many but there are many photographers who don't care about dual card slots. There was a poll conducted by DP review on dual card slots in 2015 which you may read. Many photographers said in that poll that it was not a deal breaker for them.

    If you want to make unbiased honest reviews then you should mention these facts also which contradict your preference instead of airing your personal preferences without any qualifying remarks. The fact that you make your personal preferences as judgments on a camera shows that you are not fair nor unbiased.

    We as viewers of reviews should also be wary of personal preferences creeping in and clouding the assessment. I see that a lot of people love your reviews but that does not change the fact that you do not present both sides. You simply make one sided statements based on your personal preferences.

  2. Exactly nobody knows you, so people rely on what is said on social media and some popular reputable photographers in the biz have nothing good to say about the 2 of you. Oh carry more than 1 card if the rig has only 1 slot and keep refreshing the card.

  3. Hello, Tony and Chelsea. Your reviews are informative and fun. I don't think you're biased to any brand due to sponsorship. I think you're both human, with natural preferences for things, and to make human errors, like quoting a wrong price or specification. Most importantly, people need to understand that your reviews and opinions are guidelines… you're not forcing anyone to buy a specific item!

    Can't please everyone all the time, I say. So… screw 'em! 😉

  4. As a complete photography novice, every video of yours is a learning experience for me. I particularly enjoy your unbiased critiques and long may you continue to do them. Whether I agree with your comments or not, I am all the more wiser, subjectively critical and happier for watching your videos. Thanks to both of you for your hard work.

  5. Question: Does the shorter flange distance affect depth of field? For example, is it possible that an f/4 lens on the Z body has DOF closer to that of an f/2.8 on the DSLR body? That might help explain Nikon's comfort in leading with the f/4 zoom.

    ALSO I am expecting that native Z lenses will have much more even sharpness across the board due to much wider new Z mount. And less vignetting? Am I dreaming?

  6. Some people have Wayyyyyy to much time on their hands. We are all Artist. To each there own. How many of you remember film?? You know that stuff we used in our cameras circa 1990's. Its a matter of choice. Tony & Chelsea great work. I refer mt students to you two all the time! Kudos to you.

  7. I’ve been a Nikon fan for 30 years. I learned to shoot on an FM. I love Nikon. But I recently fell out of love with DSLRs (weight and size). I tried Fuji – love them but can’t (or couldn’t until last week) get Hi-Sync with my Elinchrom lights, which I need for what I shoot. So I wanted mirrorless, and needed Elinchrom compatibility. That meant Nikon (with a bit of a wait), Canon (didn’t really get on with a 5D3 and its ergonomics) or Sony. I wanted the Nikon to be incredible, but 800 for the 35mm f1.8 (my most-used focal length, or use an adapter) and one card slot meant I had to say goodbye. Sony it was for me. And I’m happy so far. On the single card slot issue I can’t see why so many people are getting bent out of shape: yes we all got on fine with one film. Yes we got on fine in cars without airbags, AC or ABS. But there’s no good reason to buy a new car at the higher end of the market without those things nowadays. Same argument with SD slots.

  8. Saw a video of you using a Sony single card slot camera. Guess you weren’t a “pro” at that time. I agree that wedding photographers need backup but I’ve never seen a “pro” use a single camera with 2 slots. I have seen them use 2 cameras though and switch out there cards at a regular interval.

  9. The oddest thing about Sony and Nikon is that Nikon is the only one embracing XQD cards. I personally shoot with a D500. It has over 55k clicks on it and have been using the same Lexar Pro 2933x 64GB card in it from day one. At first I had the SD slot as back up, but after 6 months (a total of 18 mos of use) I switched it to overflow now with no failures – yet – and I notice the speed drops considerably when D500 jumps to the SD. So why is Sony staying away from a technology they themselves built that's both reliable and blazingly fast? My Lexar claims 440MB per second write speeds. I would have jumped to Sony at the end of last year, but they avoided their own format… Why is this?

  10. AN ISSUE WITH NIKON Z7 THAT NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT…… I had the opportunity to handle the Z7 at a local shop. One concern and likely a deal killer for me was that it DID NOT WORK WITH MY TAMRON 24-70 G2. When I asked the Nikon rep about this he tried to change the setting and when it did not work after changing the settings, he simply replied, "nikon has no intentions to EVER work with third party lens companies. It's not good business". I own several third party lenses including sigma 180 mm macro and zeiss 100 mm macro so the idea that these will not function at all rules this out for me.

  11. I'm a Nikon fan boy and always had Nikon camera for over 15 years now. And of course I desperately want to hear great news about Nikon's mirrorless but the truth trump blissful lies any day. If someone told the Microsoft folks that Windows 8 royally suck, then I think we may not have the Windows 8 disastrous release. If Nikon mirrorless is garbage then the sooner they hear about it, the better. You guys are doing a great job, keep it real, keep it true and ignore the hater.

  12. You're review was fine and you were completely honest and open. You did now come across trying to sell a product. You did state you want to wait until Nikon had the release so you can have time with the camera to run run it through its paces. You only had it for an hour.

    If you people getting upset aren't comprehensive of english. They should just stop watching video's.

  13. In 2005 Fujii film release a mirror less camera with 2 cards slots. The S9000. I own it. So how come other companies cant/won't have two card slots? Pretty sad really.

    As a tech. I can't tell how many times I've seen memory cards fail. You always think redundancy! When backing up your own files.
    I remember driving 4 hours to do a job for a client just to fine out one my cards had failed. Losing lots of picture's.

  14. How did twentieth century wedding photographers survive? I don't seem to recall any cameras that had dual film slots. Any pro photographer who has any business sense at all will have the customers sign a contract that states that any failure on the photographer's part to produce all the photos requested, will be remedied at most by a refund. It is far more likely that the photographer will die in a car crash on the way to the wedding than it is for the memory card to fail, or that his assistant will arrive drunk to the wedding and make an ass of himself, or some such thing.

  15. Wow so many internet experts , you tube experts etc . Where were all of you when digital first hit the market in the mid 90's ? No raw format , jpeg the main format used and Photoshop just hitting the market . And let's not forget the birth of photography gear geek .

  16. I've never seen a company release a 1.0 of ANYTHING and have it be better than other company's that have been producing for years. Sony has a HUGE head start on Nikon. It's going to take time just as Sony needed time when they first started to iron out all the kinks of a new product. Nikon fanboys take a chill pill. Things will get better.

  17. I've gone from being an occasional viewer to now making sure I see as much as possible, I'm trying to catch up with all your image review shows too. Keep up the good work 👍

  18. the Z7 without a dual card slot is a major deal breaker for me. I've argued with many who thought I was just paranoid. I've never had a card slot or card itself failed me after 1000's of shots, but that doesn't mean I should be ok with 1 slot. . If I followed that logic, I should cancel my car insurance now because I've never had any type of accidents for over 20 yrs driving… Murphy's law comes into play here.

    I have a feeling, the moment I shoot a wedding with the Z7, it will fail. I will get into a car accident the moment I cancel my car insurance..lol

    I have always been a Nikon shooter. I'm not a fanboi. Yes, I am bashing the Z6 and Z7. The major butthurt Nikon fangirls can go cry and see a doctor that people like myself are bashing the z6 and z7.

  19. I've never had a motorcycle accident after years and years of riding, but I still wear full gears when I am out riding. People think I'm nuts when I'm out riding in groups and I'm the only one with a full race track 1 piece suit and everything else. The squids in the group that crashed wish they had proper gears on.. ouch!

  20. Speaking of memory cards failing, have you noticed problems with particular brands? Sizes? Have you confirmed they are legitimate, not counterfeit? And, do you routinely retire them once they have xx many cycles on them? (Topic for a short video on its own?)

  21. Pros have cards that fail because pros treat their gear like $20 hookers. You gotta treat her like a lady… whoa whoa whoa like a lady… talkin’ ‘bout a little lady! And the lady is miiiiiine! Hear that Tony? 😉

  22. Lol @ the "two cards are stoopid" people. I had multiple types of memory cards that went dead just when I was photographing some stuff that was important to me. While I don't have the money for the high level stuff that has this kind of redundancy, I'd be more than happy to have it if it was available on the cheaper range of cameras.

  23. I think Nikon hype machine was the problem, raising people's expectations too high. The Z6 & 7 are credible first gen full frame mirror less cameras. They are not however "class leading" or "revolutionary". Just like Sony and fuji they will get better. To abuse you two for your opinion on the camera though is just ridiculous.

  24. I love you both. I’ve just started watching you in the last couple of months. I like your conversational quality. Great chemistry. Sound arguments. And you are you unapologetically you; haters gonna hate.

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