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Nikon Z7 Review: Maybe wait… (pre-production)

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We review the pre-production $3400 Nikon Z7 full-frame mirrorless camera and compare it to the closest two rivals: the Nikon D850 and Sony a7R III. It has 45 …


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  1. Nikon made 1 card slot, that also XQD card. I think they made this for sale their XQD Stocks. Because in india we are using low budget SD cards.

  2. Sounds like an honest review. I have no problem with an honest review. Both Canon and Nikon are late to the game. As much as we all hoped they would come out of the gate as a thoroughbred, I think we all knew in our heart of hearts it would be a couple generations before they get their game on.

  3. Doesn't any body at Nikon take photos?…. Why didn't Nikon test out the venue to check whether the new ML cameras could focus accurately in that light?……..all the effort after all those years and they blow the presentation…..this is a company that is in one heck of a hurry to get ML to market…..get the camera right first!

  4. Kudos to you Both!!! I really appreciate this. I'm a Professional Photographer/Pre Law working on a JD in Multiplatform media and the Veterans Administration is about to purchase my gear for filmmaking. You just saved me from a 6k mistake. You guys rock!

  5. Hey Tony & Chelsea, I just want to say how much I appreciate the honesty and integrity with which you approach this review. I even appreciate the honesty you show in expressing your own 'discomfort' with having to say things you know will be hard for Nikon fans so take. I am one of those, and have to admit when I jumped on-line to watch the Nikon ambassador's give their first impressions of shooting the Z7, I was very excited by what I was hearing. But I have to say, any criticism you are getting for this review is probably not, itself, coming from a place of 'objectivity'. I personally find your review very balanced and fair (and for that reason much more valuable than some of the other stuff I've watched ). Looking forward to seeing your more detailed review, once you get your hands on the full production model. Keep up the good work!

  6. At around 6:23 to 6:25, Tony’s eyes go out of focus. Is that going to be because his camera was on autofocus and for some reason got confused for a second or two; or is it more likely to be that it was on manual focus but with a very shallow DoF and he merely moved his head back a little; or what?

  7. Well I guess I’m glad I stumbled upon your review before purchasing. I was pretty set on doing so until today. I guess I’ll wait till after the release to get some consumer hands-on thoughts on the Z6.

  8. Hi guys, thank you for your video and it's great to have good ethicals. Basically Nikon has been taking a very strategical choice with a Z-mount of 55mm inner mount diameter it will be a real competitive advantage over Sony in coming months. But our F-mount lenses are soon going to be vintage (it hurts considering the price and the number of pieces of glass we manage to buy over the years). Best explanation video is:

  9. A very honest review and I could tell this really was a pain for you guys to release. However, this is why I subbed your channel, watch your videos, and bought your book. Honest. Simple. To the point, regardless of what others may think or say. It's needed, not just with reviewing cameras, but honest reviews on products period. I was on the fence of purchasing an A7 III or a Z6 and this helped make my decision with more clarity. Great job guys.

  10. Well I don't like the fact that you guys are so self centered that you started off a video with that useless speech. There are tons of people out there who are criticized, disliked and hated in the comments but they never say a word in their "reviews". I'd just recommend you guys not to consider the hatred and just carry on with what you are doing like professionals.

  11. At what point, if ever, will we see something like a “Nikon Z-D6” or “Z850??” A camera that is the same size as the current DSLR flagships, same robust-ness, weather sealing, heft, etc. but with the modern features of an a7iii/a9…500+ AF Points, Super High Res EVF, 20FPS, Eye-AF, Silent Shooting. When that camera is released I’ll finally be ready to switch, but until then, I just can’t do it…

  12. A big congratulations to Nikon for releasing such a new and cutting edge camera. Somehow the nikon wizards figured out a way to take a a7r2 and put it in a nikon body. It only took 3 years. Another big win for Nikon….

  13. The owners manual was just published 2 days ago and you can set up a wireless backup to a computer for redundancy (I'm 97.3% sure, because the manual as well as the network guide wasn't too detailed). You can backup the files from the camera to a computer via directly connecting the computer to the camera via wifi, or via the same local network. Inconvenient, yes. Will it work 100% of the time, who knows. Will people use this feature, probably not. Will it kill the already poor battery life, absolutely. Is it promising for people who absolutely need a backup, maaaaaybe. I can see (maaaaaaybe) converting my Pelican case into a little portable computer backup network thingy for when I shoot weddings. Only if I've tested this feature and the backup is bulletproof. Realistically the Z6 I have on order will be second to my D750, and I'll use the Z6 primarily for the silent shutter during the getting ready, as I feel people are more natural around a silent shutter.

  14. Just one question that nobody seems to have answered. Is there a recording time limit for video i.e. 29 min 59 sec. I shoot classical concerts and plays and need to record continuous for 45 – 60 minutes. At the moment I use a GH5 and dedicated camcorders, but may be interested in the Z camera.

  15. Tony and Chelsea thanks for for sharing your experience with the Nikon Z7. I interested to see if it will work with the latest trinity of Tamron lenses. Your feedback is appreciated.

  16. I’m sticking with my D5 as my primary “go to”. I picked up an @6300 with some sweet glass as my travel easy carry camera. You nailed it Tony with the @6300 review…solid camera for under $900.

  17. Agree on this Review, Nikon Z~not what it should have been.Sony is the only way to go right now in mirrorless . DSLR is on its death March, New mounts on Nikon and Sony means our current glass will become outdated and antiquated, for those that can afford to stay on the cutting edge and for anyone new entering the market. Nikon and Canon ought to ask Sony to help them design their cameras. The three of them would make the perfect camera. We could call it SoNikCan. Then we would have s-Log 10, Flip out and flip around LCD screen for Vlogging, large high res LCD, dual fast card slots, lighting fast autofocus, little larger grip for the pinky, Full Screen to screen focus capability, Lit buttons on the back, Pushed out viewfinder so our noses tdo does not smudge the screen, quite clips for our camera straps with High-resolution sensors. Customizable buttons, Auto Flash, trigger built in, wifi, GPS. They would all make a boatload of money, and we would all be evaluating the same great cameras. WooooAhhh. What a concept. Or one Manufacture could do this, and the closest one right now that listens to their consumers is Sony. When will Nikon and canon start listening. Great job guys thanks for letting be sound out.

  18. For the longest time this has been my favourite channel and this is part of the reason why. So many channels that review stuff seem to almost read from the same script so having a channel that gives you the hard truth as they see it gives us the chance to understand what we are getting into before spending thousands of dollars.

    Love this guys!!!

  19. Looking at this review 4 months and probably more than a 100 other reviewers later…gosh, you two look like a bunch of first time camera users. Most of what you are saying sounds like a you problem and not a problem with the camera. I wonder if they can improve you two with a firmware update. Pretty much all your reviews on gear are filled with nonsensical gobbledygook. You come up with these "scientific" tests that are so full of flaws, errors, and obvious unfairness, that all they serve is to make you look like a fool. Clearly, things like science and math are not your strong suits. You should stop writing down numbers on sheets of paper and pretending that is some sort of evidence. Its pretty obvious your "facts" and conclusions are just the blind trying to lead the blind.

  20. I was put off by the unfair negative reviews the Z7 received. But because of the IBIS, I decided to give it a shot. Now? I’m lovin’ it. The picture quality and IBIS, together, are giving me the most beautiful photos I’ve ever made. This camera is truly outstanding. With the hand-held photo quality I’m getting from my Sigma 105mm and 135mm portrait lenses, I can leave my tripod behind. Except for action shots, my D850 is going to get a lot more resting time on my desk. The Z7 is a winner! Pay no mind to the man and woman behind the curtain on the value of this camera. They’re very good, but they’re way off on this one.

  21. This review was sponsored as looking the Z 6 and z 7 now using them it feels as if they're either making fool of us or else we dont understand any thing
    Same guys in other video didn't say a single word on EOSR having single meory card slot …………

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