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Nikon Z6 Image Quality & Dynamic Range Review: vs Z7, Canon EOS R, Sony a7 III

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AMAZON LINKS: Pick up the Nikon Z6 at http://help.tc/z6 Or the Nikon Z6 with the NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S kit lens at http://help.tc/Z6kit Nikon Z7: http://help.tc/z7 …


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  1. Northrups, I love you and am a long time subscriber. But I am a bit annoyed that you actually rip this camera apart because you are not happy with the one card slot. I was long time influenced by all this and hesitated to get the Z6….but I have. I can tell the folks out there, this is a hammer camera. Better video functionality then the Sony A7iii (yes I tried it out) and the images are just excellent, in my taste even a little tick better then the Sony. Not to mention that the handling is more convenient, the touch screen is actually allowing you to use and access everything and man the EVF!!!! I can only strongly recommend the Z6 and even over the A7iii.

  2. Can you please test these cameras with the same lens (manual focus ok) and also with some classic Leica m glass? I’m especially interested in the Z6/7 comparison (the 6 has an anti alias filter) and the Nikon vs Sony

  3. Greatly appreciate your videos and book but this video needs a do-over. Suggestions: 1. Give a better explanation of banding: Artifact of combining electronic shutter with artificial lighting having a high flicker factor, e.g. dimmable LED units? Note that DPReview showed a different banding: in the Z6 and Z7 the lines associated with autofocus are not quite balanced with the rest of the array. 2. Why does the room exposure appears brighter in the Z6 vs Z7 (2:40). 3.Fix the color rending difference. The reddish foam panels have very different hue in Z6 (warm) vs Z7 (cold) images (3:53)…WP setting? 4. You state that the Z7 has vastly better dynamic range (3:57) but I don't see a difference other than resolution and hue. What am I missing? 5. The Z6 contrast appears better in the bricks in comparison shot at 9:16 even after you do your Lightroom adjustment. Why is that? 6. Why is the Z7 better for low light based upon the comparison at 9:16? How does improved resolution but higher noise deliver better low light performance? 7. The EOS R vs Z6 comparison should be done with comparable lenses even if you use the Nikon adapter. Thank!

  4. "Relatively unsharp kit lens?" I can't agree with that statement based on my own use. I've been really impressed by its performance. The Canon EF 24-105MM L II you can say is unsharp all day long and I would agree with you there. 🙂

  5. Sony doesnt have good ibis, timelapse, hold bulb shutter, and 10bit unlike nikon which has all of those yet people say sony is more advanced just because of AutoFocus what is wrong with yall. I know the lens selection is few but you can always adapt lenses and the 24-70 f4 has good bokeh and sharpness and very light too. The 35 and 50 1.8 are very nice for portraits. The IBIS is great so much better than sony on par with the gh5 without dual IS. You dont an intervelometer or shutter remote because the nikon z6 has a timelapse app builtin (which is very good) and also it can do very long exposure (just press the shutter and press again if you want to stop) basically unlimited. If youre doubting to get the nikon z6, just go get it. Nikon Z6 + nikon z 24-70 f4 +nikon z 50 f1.8=great kit. Then after you get that you can also get the upcoming 14-30 f4 which very small lightweight and good wide angle lens. I personally think the z6 is the best hybrid camera and best run and gun full frame camera for travel.

  6. I think the best advert for the Nikon was the fact that the video has an amazingly beautiful out of focus areas, camera switching focus between Tony’s face and the camera in his hands very intelligently. I think it’s about what you need in 2019 video oriented era. Probably the only thing missing is the front facing screen

  7. So Tony in your opinion, is the Z7 a cross between the D850 and the Z6? Is this camera better for photography or video? Or is it the best of both worlds? Is the Z6 hands down better for video? Is there a noticeable difference between these cameras in using them for photography or video?

  8. This review would’ve been much better if you had used the same lens on all 3 cameras. It would’ve been easy for you to adapt a Leica 50mm APO summicron to all three of these mirrorless bodies. This would’ve allowed you to test the cameras head to head.

  9. Hi Tony, I'm finding the image at time 4.04 and ur comments about Z6 vs V7 confusing. You said you were comparing base ISO but the in picture text says both are at ISO100. Also you say that the Z7 has more light gathering capability but how can that be with same size sensor, same settings & same lens ? Yet the Z7 image is way better – is it really that much better sensor ? Could you clarify this or it already done so point me towards that, thx

  10. Thank you for this video. Always a pleasure to watch yours and Chelsea's work! I see that you refer to the 24-70mm f/4 S lens as a "relatively unsharp kit lens". I haven't personally tried one yet, but there are numerous tests online that have rated the image quality and sharpness of this lens as better than the Nikkor F-mount 24-70mm lenses (VR and non-VR). It seems like this lens might be a far better performer than most expected, especially for the price. Thanks for the opportunity to chime in and best to you, Rick

  11. I have the Nikon 24-70mm f4 S “kit” lens and for testing I obtained the Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 VR, and the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC. I thoroughly tested the three of them and the new S lens is markedly sharper than both, all the way to the edges as well. Nikon has done a fantastic job with it. All while making it light and compact and of very high quality. I don’t know what the hell Tony did to get such poor results with it? Maybe a few too many of those craft beers? Whatever the reason, he’s full of it. I’m looking forward to the arrival on the “S” f/2.8 Z lens on April 19th. I have it pre-ordered. With the f4 being as outstanding as it is, I have high expectations for the Pro f2.8 version. It’s expensive, but I’ll own it for a long time. God willing. Why do T & C love to hate the Z’s? Their grossly unfair reviews of the Z cameras has earned them a mountain of ill will. I hope they see just how bad a decision it was to trash these fine cameras the way they have.

  12. I don't know where you get those copies, but as far as I've been following Nikon kit lens is way better than Canon in optics performance. Take a look a flickr and check it out by yourself. Canon kit lens has a Huuuuuggeee amount of CA and even the EOS R having bigger resolution the images are kind strange, I can notice some jagged edges and really blurred conners. I prefer to pay 600 bucks on a kit lens from Nikon than 1100 on Canon 24-105.

  13. Hi Tony and chelsea

    I really thank your for your videos. I would like to have your advices concerning the choice of a mirrorless.
    I have a d750 and i want to switch to z6 or z7. I am doing portraits and landscape photography.
    Someone adviced me to wait for the z6 MK2. But i gess it will not Come soon. Then Z6 or Z7?
    Thanks a lot

  14. Hi Tony, first and foremost thank you very much for your comparison video and all the information! Yet I have one unanswered question in mind, which was neither answered in your video nor through help of google search. Due to the smaller resolution and identical sensor size, the ISO performance of the Z6 is always described as slightly less noisy in comparison to the Z7. Therefore I suppose for low light and night shots I should rather get myself a Z6? Yet I am asking myself, what if you use the Z7 with the 24 MP setting instead of the 45 MP. Does this mean it would show similar ISO / low light performance compared to the Z6? Or would the Z7 24 MP images nonetheless be recorded in 45 MP first and just be downscaled to 24 MP? I would appreciate very much if you know the answer! Cheers Michael

  15. Why you say the 24-70 f4 is relatively unsharp 🤔 It’s probably the sharpest kit lens ever made. It’s almost as sharp as the f2.8 at 5 times the price.

  16. At 5:35 you compare Nikon 24MM to cannon 24MM. Why is the cannon 24MM much larger in object sizes than the Nikon 24MM? they are both Full Frame and same sensor size. Is the resolution that makes it closer? Please, I am a novice so a novice answer will be most helpful. thanks

  17. I'm really sorry but watch this over and do the comparison properly and your conclusion will sound ridiculous. Your evaluation of Nikon lenses is way off Tony.

  18. why do i see the difference in colors. may be we can do color correction from RAW images, i am not expert in post processing. for a casual user which camera gives the colors close to what we see from our eyes. a7iii vs z6 straight out of the camera from default settings.

  19. I was tired when I made this, so to clarify some things: I meant that the S lenses (for the Z-mount) are all consumer-oriented lenses, and those are a better fit for the $2,000 Z6 than the $3,400 Z7. The Z7 gathers 2/3 of a stop more light at ISO 64 than the Z6 does at ISO 100; the Z6 does not support a native ISO 64 (that's a big advantage of the Z7). Banding will occur at high shutter speeds with the e-shutter and LEDs, regardless of the ISO, so if you have brighter LEDs (you probably won't) you could experience banding at lower ISOs.

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