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Nikon vs. Sony: Did I choose wrong? (FINALE)

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  1. It's hard to argue with the Sony eye auto focus and EVF. There's obvious emotional attachment to cameras. I love my Nikon still and waiting for them to catch up a little more in mirrorless. This will all work out Chelsea 🙂

  2. Sigh; I suppose that I have remind people that Sony is NOT a camera company. Their primary goal is MARKETING. The D850 does have a recent (2019) firmware update. Also; nobody wants to be bothered with your sponsor, at both ends of your video clip.

  3. I know this is an older post, so hopefully you still check these comments…. I agree with the switch to Sony/ Mirrorless in general. My struggle is where does an entry level hobbyist transition to? I'm literally 6 months into photography, with my used Nikon D5100 (kit lenses). A $4k+ complete rig is not in my immediate future, but I know Mirrorless is the way I want to go.

    SUBJECTIVE QUESTION: Would you invest in better Nikon glass for the time being, or look at used Sony a-series set ups to start in that direction?

  4. Can’t you see that DSLR’s are going the way of Medium Format film SLR’s?
    Bronica, Fuji, Mamiya, Pentax, Hasselblad…all gone. You wanna go broke like Kodak? Keep posting videos about these dinosaurs..
    P.s. Mirrorless is about as advanced as the infamous 8-track tape…vs vinyl records.

  5. It's simple. A 7 R….. 4. I just picked mine up and had a casual shoot today with it. It's quite simply amazing and whilst not perfect to my mind the best camera ever made! Ever! it does it all! And just like Tony, not perfect but you wouldn't change him for the world. 😉

  6. Great choice! My A7RIV just came in a few days ago and is currently sitting in my office next to my new GM 85mm 1.4 that just came in TODAY. Coming from the A7Rii so hopefully I upgraded at the right time.

  7. Sony has always struggled … Nikon will always be a superios ecosystem… Sony is still depending on the glass of other manufacturers with adapters and such they will only compromise on the minimum amount of glass to quiet their mirrorless market.
    Sad 🙁

  8. Yes you made the right decision Sony is the way of the future. They are making Nikon & Canon look like dinosaurs. I know people that were shooting high end gear like d850, 500f4 me included with Canon. AND HAVE NOW GONE WITH SONY. As far as the menu, I have made my own and that makes finding what I want much faster. Enjoy the Sony.

  9. I am torn between the nikon d750 and the sony a7iii after my nikon d3100. The price difference is an issue and the fact that i still have to buy lenses is just too much. the fact that i already have the nikon 50mm f1.8 and the preice difference between the two cameras makes me lean more towards the d750. but i feel like the sony a 7iii is the future and the d750 is too old. ANY ADVICE?

  10. Your video does not feel like an objective comparison but more like somebody who has been using Nikon for decades and is now excited from something different. Had you been using SONY for decades than you would have been excited by the d850.

  11. Thanks for your video and here is my questions to help me make my own decision in the middle of those brands and models. Just I’m wondering how did you solve the following problems:
    1. Dust ( needs to clean sensor every single day)
    2. Slow buffer (waiting long to save on cards)
    3. Not having creative features (like fujifilm “film simulation”)
    4. JPG or uncompressed raw are not amazing images straight away from camera and forcing you to go for retouching process
    5. Doesn’t provide middle of 40-60mp like 40mp for crop shooting!
    6. Complected menu with weird wordings!
    7. It’s so digital and robotic electronic device and sometimes in the middle of shooting is jumping, changing, not responding, etc!
    8. Very quick upgrading the models (Like the short time between a7riii and iv) and not enough time and budget to upgrade
    9. Body and lenses are so expensive and not affordable for everyone
    10. It is working full functions, mostly with Sony accessories and not third party!
    I am waiting for your prompt reply please.
    Thanks again

  12. Until it crashes … Hmmm Nikon sales dive, less Nikon users(viewers) switch to Sony … hmmm more subscribers. If ever there was a more commercial video , oh look Tonys doing a Sony vid too …. They wont miss me. CAN ANYONE LEAVE BRANDS ALONE AD JUST TALK PHOTOGRAPHY PLEEEEEEASE

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