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Nikon Df vs D4 – D4 Sensor in a Smaller Body?

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Last time we reviewed the Nikon Df(http://bit.ly/Nik-Df), we weren’t hugely impressed by the camera beneath all that retro-inspired facade. But some still desire it …


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  1. I shoot mostly at night, at mostly stationary or non moving subjects, practically never record video and could use the smaller size and lighter weight.
    I would consider a leica, but its got poor low light performance, no auto focus what so ever, and no long range telephoto lenses. And a crazy price tag… The DF is not that bad, its just not for everyone.

  2. After now owning a Df for over a year, I would never go back to the larger heaver bodies with the controls setup as they are. I really like the quick look on top to see about all my main settings, the analog feel of a real fstop ring, on all my d series lenses, that I can go to wide open without looking at anything. Also I do not need the fluff and the bells and whistles to get great shots in so many tough lighting environments. I feel this review reflects what the younger folks may feel they need who never shot film and really do need the computer on board. I have a 48" wide roll printer and this little Df can make some great enlargements even billboards The stats are misleading since in real world shooting, you are not at base ISO at F8 on a tripod shooting at a flat surfaces as far as color depth, resolution and dynamic range goes.

  3. I just bought an olympus omd em10. It looks better, it has a faster burst rate and the lenses are way cheaper. And it only costs 600€. The sensor isn't that good in low light but……… just buy a flash.

  4. Nikon has lost its magic…

    Digital conFusion…
    The Most Beautiful & The Worst Camera at the same time.

    shspeed 1/4000 sec just like eos rebel,
    low fps 5.5, low megapixel,
    bad low light AF performance,
    uncomfortable dials,
    The worst Video capability in the market,
    memory card location at the bottom,
    Too Big size just like Dinosaurs.

  5. I’ve been bullied and K.O few times in the past by guys like Kai! That stopped after I upgraded to the D3s & D500. I tried the DF and didn’t like it changing settings requires more time.

  6. The killing moment was hilarious 🤣 I'm (very) late on this one but to this day the D4 remains a fantastic camera and I really like what Nikon tried to achieve (and partly succeeded) with the Df so thanks for the review!

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