Home Photography Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Mirrorless vs DSLR ULTIMATE FIGHT!

Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Mirrorless vs DSLR ULTIMATE FIGHT!

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We’ve been using the two highest image quality digital cameras for about 8 months in the real world, so this is a long-term review comparison: * Nikon D850 …


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  1. Oh you Nikon lovers! LoL
    Actually, I picked up a Sony a7Riii and I am feeling very good about thus choice since I'll be "focusing" on portrait, street, and landscape. The only downside is its the first real Pro full frame camera I've purchased, and I'm a little afraid to take it places still. Hey, thanks for your helpful videos! 🙂

  2. Reliability, durability and lens ecosystem, this is why I shoot with Nikon. And since I'm permanently on the road, I need that old school reputation that DSLRs have. Nothing against Sony (and kudos to them for knocking the useless Canon out of the market) but the reasons why Sony wins is unimportant to me. DSLR=Nikon and mirrorless=Sony

  3. What was "so hard to choose"? The Sony took virtually every category YOU chose, except "reliability" and "like holding" and you STILL couldn't make a decision? Gimme a break. You're trying not to get on the wrong side of NIKON by making it sound like they're virtually interchangeable. Pointless

  4. Wait, did you just blame the MC-11 adapter for IBIS problems (>4:20)? I thought THAT wasn't supposed to matter at all and you got the benefit of IBIS with any lens setup?

  5. I watch your videos, and in each one you begin by laying the ground work of fairness.. But, your partiality to anything not Nikon is absolute blatant. This makes you both really fake, and I don't know why you cant be truthful. Just be up front and honest, don't treat your viewers like a bunch of third graders. This also calls into you question your character ? You two are those people that would do anything for a buck.

  6. Ten years ago I tried a Sony A100 or something and I hated it so much I am still prejudiced about Sony. Every electronic viewfinder I ever tried sucked, so again I'm prejudiced on that. There was a time Sony tried to push it's MemoryStick and well… So yea, so many negative feelings, and yet the sensor in my D610 is just a Sony, but still every step up to full frame with Nikon (D60, D7000, better lenses) has been instant gratification and this should matter, because at some point you'll be giving your camera away or sell it and it will still be great, but with Sony you're producing electronic waste. I can be so harsh because everybody goes mirrorless (thanks for the second hand lenses!), the camera is great, the pictures depend on the photographer and whatnot, so that's fine, but if you feel something is missing, my guess is that mechanics and optics are just more natural than electronics. It's like an automatic timepiece, and you're sacrificing almost nothing by staying old school. Just take two batteries and no charger.

  7. Here is something silly, but when ya shoot people the Nikon just instills confidence in your model that they are being shot with a real professional camera, cause they see that legendary Nikon name on those giant black bodies. But I feel like when models see Sony they think your shooting with a consumer camera and it kills the mood. IDK, maybe not, but sometimes perceptions are more important than…

  8. what about flash units + low light portrait – a SB 910 gives great red grid ### AF Assist light even if no light is on my target, the new 60 & 45 RM Models use white led beam :-/

  9. Remember to bring a battery charger? My gosh, how about remembering to bring your SD card? Tony, do you really forget things like that? If so, how do you remember to bring a charging cord?

  10. Can’t you see that DSLR’s are going the way of Medium Format film SLR’s?
    Bronica, Fuji, Mamiya, Pentax, Hasselblad…all gone. You wanna go broke like Kodak? Keep posting videos about these dinosaurs..
    P.s. Mirrorless is about as advanced as the infamous 8-track tape…vs vinyl records.

  11. Ah Sony, just watch them get to Number 1, and then drop u all in the sea, by cutting off support for their past products like they have done with literally ALL Sony tech in the past. I became a "NEVER AGAIN SONY" guy during the years. So unless you are swimming in champaign, caviar and cash, avoid Sony. They are as good as Apple without Steve Jobs.

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