Home Photography Nikon D850 Review: Best Camera Ever?

Nikon D850 Review: Best Camera Ever?

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After 8 MONTHS & 17000 photos, we tell you everything we’ve learned about the AMAZING Nikon D850 (http://sdp.io/d850). Portraits, landscapes, timelapses …


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  1. 300,000 actuations this year on D850, no replacement box yet, no indications of any issues, i never shoot anything but jpeg small at events and correctly expose, there is no editing in my job, its straight from camera to clients hand. D850 has 1 ergonomics issue if you rotate a lot, apart from that had no issues with it. I bang through 2 gripped batteries a day and the camera is bloody hot yet it still plods on like a tank. I shoot spot, as AF can hunt especially if there is bright light right next to your focus point if your in 9 point or group, as the edge points pick pull you out, single point gives you much better control. I shoot mainly around the 10,000 iso mark and SS 1000/1250, its very rare to get lower, however when you do and your able to bring that ISO down the colours are so rich and thats again from Jpeg Small – quality Medium(11mb files) which is why I would immediately swap to a 25mpx camera if good enough one released and leave the D850 for backup/Portrait/landscape work, in the mean time its my main sports camera. P.S D5 i had and returned after it went faulty, after that i stuck with what i know and trust and thats the D850

  2. If you end up in the middle of nowhere!!! with some bad weather!! nothing beats the D700/D3! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish Nikon would bring back the old Japanese build quality!!! and button placement that worked so well

  3. Hello Tony, i have a question why do you say that the cropped image is 20 megapixels when you divide 45.4 megapixels by 1.5 the result is 30.26 Best regards

  4. Wireless connectivity still sucks across the board, granted i've not tried a cannon but i'm not surprised about that. With the d800E I had to use a seperate intervalometer/wireless controller to get proper flexibility because the integral interval controls in it sucked. Hahnel had a really nice small foot print unit for that.

  5. Funny, this is a pro camera? i think not.

    I bought some cameras secondhand used by professionals – so i got some insight to what they are looking for in a new camera, when discussing their next purchase; – they didn't care for more features or ultra high mega pixel or DR possibilities, they only want to know if it works ergonomically, and if it can handle harsh abuse during work assignments or in their studio.
    if, and only if the customer demands high quality they will rent the camera for certain shoots.

    The rest is just bulk, or they know will not work in the field

    One of the main thing as a pro is to know your camera in and out, so you can focus on the picture, and not fiddle with settings, or chimp. ( in front of your customer, under fire, or just inches away from a blow to the head)

    The less settings / options the better, also less things to break on a camera.

  6. The D850 has no weaknesses. 7fps up to 9fps with the grip. 45MP with 20MP DX, full frame 4K, tilt touch LCD, high ISO and great dynamic range, focus peaking, RF controller for flash, no anti-aliasing filter, 0.75 magnification, Wi-Fi and BT, and a lot more.

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