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Nikon D810 Review

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We compare the Nikon D810 to the Canon 5D Mark III! Buy the D810 here (on Amazon): http://help.tc/d810 Index below: 0:00 Introduction 2:40 Handheld …


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  1. Is it possible to buy a telephoto lense for the iphone 6 plus camera? I know they have lenses …just not sure if they have telephoto lenses for it. I will be professionally shooting weddings with this setup…I just bought a iphone gimbal as well.

  2. At the current brand new price with the bundle being sold (about $2500), can you see the price of this being sold at a cheaper price as a package? Also, a d750 bundle is being sold for $1500. Considering my interest in portraits and landscapes, would the d810 still be the better deal?

  3. hi tony and chelsea, i own a canon 650 graduating from nikon d 3000, now feel like jumping one step ahead, so wondering which one should i go for canon 5d miii or nikon d 810 or canon 7d. I do more like portraits, nature, wildlife, but want to take up as a profession for events and wedding photography. Please help

  4. hi tony, your videos are great learning experience. i have been watching them from couple of days and i feel i dont need to attend the DSLR class for basic photography on Saturday, after watching your tutorials. i would appreciate if you could advise the full frame camera set up for starting as a professional photographer. intend to do weddings and corporate and social events as photographer in some time.

  5. I could not believe the difference in noise and detail. I was set to buy a second 5D Mark III but after watching this video I bought a D8 10 instead. And I’m selling off all of my Canon gear now. Thanks!

  6. I know this video is 3 years old, but i was able to get a Nikon D810, Awesome Camera, But so many people tell me that many lens to not work with this camera, so how would i know what lens work well!!?? Thank you for all you videos, I have learned so much from you guys! LOVE THE BOOK!!

  7. A professional wedding guy would not be using auto exposure dude, I am usually in Full manual especially during portraits, so I don’t think the face detect would really work, and what do you do with dark skin people? Face detect exposure, would overexpose tremendously.

  8. If you have money for the D810, i would just save a little more and go for the D850, the pricetag not much apart imo, its worth the wait the couple of saving months.

  9. I know this is an old video (almost 5 years old). What is interesting is this review using Tamson lenses. FF to 2018 and Tony's review of the Nikon 500 vs 200-500. Toward the end of the newer video you pan non-brand lenses.

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