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  1. Hey Tony, excellent review, just wanted to get your opinon, is it worth buying this camera in 2017./18. with all of the shutter problem recalls, or should I wait for the rumored d760 ?

  2. Hey! I'm wondering if anyone can offer some insight into how the D750 compares to cameras which have been released more recently. I currently have a 5D mark 1 which I have barely picked up in the last 5 years, but am looking to get back into photography. I understand its important to consider useage when deciding upon a model, but at the moment, I'm not sure where i'll go in terms of style – or what I'll end up shooting (I'm sort of open to see how things happen). Any suggestions or information would be great! Cheers! Happy new year! (p.s. I don't really have a budget – but, don't particularly like wasting money. ha)

  3. Hi Tony,
    I really like your videos about camera reviews. Real convenient to have comparison of all the rivals at same time. I am looking to buy a camera from last 3 months and doing all research I could. I am not a professional, I am just an enthusiast and have a hobby for photography. I will be using camera for portraits and landscape and have keen interest in Astro photography. I also organize lots of parties so a camera which I can use to click pictures in low light. These are most of my usage for a camera. My query is that is there any camera that can help me with all of these photography. I am happy to buy different lenses for these different photography but any camera body that can gives the best result in all of these conditions. Not worry about the budget but very keen to save money for lenses so if you can recommend multiple options in any brand.
    Hope you reply to my query.

  4. 'The kit lens is awful'? Absolute rubbish, I've had it for 4 years on my D610 and it's fantastic. Best value FF zoom lens out there surely. Very sharp and the VR works great. And it's weather sealed which the Sigma isn't (why don't Sigma seal any of their lenses?)

  5. Hi Tony & Chelsea. I am thinking to buy D750 to upgrade from my D5100. I wanted to ask you if this is a good upgrade to full frame. I am just an enthusiast and occasionally do street and events photography. The only thing that I am concerned is the AA filter and if this is a deal breaker. Thanks!

  6. Should I buy a new D750 or a used D810? They both are in my budget. I’m ditching Canon . They have new D810 on EBay for 1650 but I’m afraid to buy one from EBay, so that’s why i would get used.

  7. I just bought myself the Nikon D750 and I am still getting used to it . I stepped up from the D5200. One thing that I am missing is the different options of the LCD info screen. I have looked at quite a few different tutorials but no one seems to mention anything about it. Some chat groups have expressed that this issue about the LCD info is a mess. Does the D750 have LCD info options or do I now have to persevere with what I just bought?

  8. I would say Nikon has 4 full frame cameras, plus one limited edition model, Df. Did Tony just say only Nikon has a full frame body with Wi-Fi?

    I doubt if the -3 Ev focusing applies to all of the AF points. The -3 Ev spec is probably just for the center AF point.

    My single biggest complaint with my Nikon D3 is that I cannot use the large rear display for shooting info when on a tripod. The screen blanks out as soon as I touch the shutter, so I am forced to used the top LCD. My Canon 1D Mark IV can show real time exposure info on the rear screen, and it is older than the D3. Has Nikon added this feature, yet? It is a total non-starter for me, and why I shoot with Canon.

  9. Hello! I am using Nikon D7000 for video and photography at weddings and other stuff. I am going to buy a new camera soon. I am between Nikon D750(1050€) and Nikon D7500(780€). Which you believe is better for video use? Right now i am not interesting for 4k video. Thank you.

  10. tony can you suggest by looking at the video what lenses they was using or what is equal in your opinion to have this result ? even if it's more than one lens
    could be for canon or nikon. i know they can use expensive lenses but if you can suggest "a like" it's would be nice.

  11. If I want to get a lens for a D750 what do I look for that tells me it's for a full-frame camera, and will this be the same on a Tamron lens? is F-mount lens for Full frame cameras?

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