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Nikon D610 vs D810 (and D750): Which Full Frame Camera should you Buy? (in 4k)

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  1. I bought the D610. Used, with an accessory bundle and wi fi adaptor for $500.00. (Amazon) A no brainer for me, the flat out best value I will refer to your book for lenses, which I bought along with, "Stunning digital photography"….years ago.
    They collect dust because my wife is so..not into all that. But I am now, so they will be used!

  2. Hi Tony & Chelsea , I don't really have a budget for D810 . I can go and buy 610 or 750. If I go for D610 will I be missing out on a lot of new features apart from the extra resolutions considering it an older camera ? pls help

  3. Hey Tony I'm really new to cameras so without doing a lot of research I bought a d610 after watching this video I wish I would have checked you out first but I don't have a lot of money can you tell me a lens you would buy for the d610 just for taking pictures of the kids or something close and could you tell me if a14mm f/2.8 ed if mic lens would be a good lens it's manual focus only. I know it's a lot at once but any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

  4. i'd never thought to be that guy but i left my previous job and they wanted to give me something like a small 'attention' for farewell – i got the company card to go nuts with 3k on amazon. Got the d810 + 70-300 VR. Hope to not regret the choice vs D750

  5. Why so little love for the D750? It's the best choice. almost just as good as the D810 just without the insane amount of megapixels, much less expensive than the D810, only a few hundred more expensive than the D610 ($300 at the moment).

  6. Can anyone help me on this one. , I just purchased the D610 , IQ is amazing, quick question , do you use your AEL/AFL button on the rear of the camera for focusing and have tested the setting on page 221 of the Manual, AF-S focus priority set to Focus (not releas) where the shutter should only fire when subject is in focus?

    If so can you tell me if it works, because my D610 set up this way , always fires the shutter even if subject is not in focus. I can even set the focus completely out of focus then hit the shutter button on the front of the camera and it still fires the shutter regardless.

    Mine only does this however when I set back button focus (Ael/AFLbutton set to AF ON in camera settings menu)

    Is this normal as with my D7200 I can focus with back button focus then hit the shutter button on the front and it will only take the photo if it's in focus.

    Any ideas if your D610 behaves like mine?


  7. Hey guys, I have the D610 with the Nikon 16-35mm F4 and I shoot only astrophotography. I've been trying to get more detail in my milky way shots. I want that tracked milky way look but without the tracker and the pain that comes with setting one up in the field. Should I get the D810 that has more megapixels or the 20mm F/1.8G ED prime lens and just stack a few photos of the sky for more detail?

  8. For the street and portrait photography that I'm currently enjoying, the D610 + the 35mm & 85mm 1.8G lenses will do EVERYTHING I need and more. In addition, I usually center recompose so the extra focus points aren't a deal breaker for me. The money saved will be used to travel to Europe to take some pics 🤭

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