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Nikon D600 vs D7100 – Which One Should You Buy?

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We take a look at the Nikon D7100 (http://bit.ly/NikD7100) and D600 (http://bit.ly/NikD60o) and consider whether the extra money for that extra bit of sensor real …


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  1. your always pushing full frame without a real reason and by the way the spread of focus points is because its a crop sensor oh and what was the Lens you were using ???

  2. hi guys i love photography i wont to be photographer, but i don't have DSLR. I'm begging you guys anyone can send me DSLR cam? plssssssssss i like nikon d7100 or 70d. thank Godbless

  3. I got some bad news for you…  neither one of these camera's is weather sealed….  NOT SEALED LIKE PRO BODIES.  Getting these two camera's wet at ANY level will void the factory warranty.

  4. Made my decision, bought the D7100 and am very happy with it 🙂 I realised its not about the camera, its about the lenses. Modern sensors are moving into an era when smaller sensors are fine, especially the filter free sensor in the D7100. Really the question is how big a lens are you willing to tolerate. In my opinion the Nikon FX Trinity are an abomination. I cant see somebody like david Bailey, Bresson or the great war photographers using them. For me DX is perfect. Small, high quality and light  makes for more freedom in taking. For me its a handful of primes for serious snapping and the 18-55 and 55-200 kit lenses for leisure trips. Even adding the Sigma 8-16mm superwide didn't exceed the  total cost of the  Nikon 24-70 mm f/2.8 which really cant compete with the quality of my 3 primes and its slower. I wouldnt put a lens that size on my camera unless it had the numbers 300mm on it and i was going to take wildlife. I dont really understand why people aspire to the standards set down a hundred years ago based on movie film size. We live in an electronic digital age, FX is not based on modern considerations and to ape film is just bollocks 😉

  5. I've owned both and the D600 image quality is another level. Selling the D600 was the dumbest thing I've ever done – it's the best quality camera for the money (around £600 used) by a very long way, still. I used Fuji X series now, and the the D600s sensor is miles better than Fuji's X-Trans. I want to buy another D600 again!

  6. First off, I would like to say I really find your videos informative and entertaining. I have a question & wanted to get you input. It looks like spec wise the d7200 is pretty much the same as the d610. Actually it looks like the d7200 may be better in areas such as focus and ISO as well as have a few more features not available on the d610. So it seems to me that the biggest advantage to the d610 is FF sensor. FF sensor advantages are better lowlight shooting capabilites. With the better ISO and focus on the d7200, using the same FX prime lenses, would it just pretty much even out? Taking in the fact from Tony Northrups video on "Should you use full frame lenses on a crop bodies", using full frame lenses on crop body changes the f/stop capabilites of the lense. Also with the quickly changing technology advances, are cropped size sensors going to replace FF? Wondering if I could pick up a lightly used d610 for the price of a new d7200, would it be would the extra expense in lenses in the long run? Considering I would probably not want to spend over 4 to 5 hundred a piece on good used lenses. Thanks in advance.

  7. Adding to my earlier question. I currently have a d3200 with both kit lenses, a 50mm 1.8g fx prime, 35mm 1.8g dx prime. The d7200 would be an upgrade but figured if I could upgrade to the d610 full frame for the same price it may be better in the long run so eventually I would be on the FF system. But if everything will eventually change to cropped size maybe I should stay in that system. That way I wouldnt have to get some new more expensive lenses & I could keep my d3200 for everyday non important photography since I would be keeping the same lenses. But in long term I would be wanting to use the d7200 or d610 for income purposes. Also, seen a comment on d600 oil dust issue still a prob. Do yoi know any as if this is true for the d610? Thanks

  8. ive used both and i find the d610 the best AF is BS if you ask me i only ever use one focal point anyway and thats the center one and most the time i have it turned off, the d600 / d610 have a way better sensor and been fx you can always crop down but with Dx you cant add to your image if your slightly off

  9. I remember the time when I was going to get a canon and it was so plastic and cheap feeling!! Then I bought the Nikon D3300! Love that camera! But now it's my back up as I've ordered a D7100 🙂

  10. In controlled lighting full frame loses a lot of advantages. it would still be better for some professional tasks but then maybe d810+ would be a better fit. the d5300 should be capable of similar IQ as the 7200 with worse autofocus and no IS.

  11. let's be honest here, D600 is clearly a looser, especially among Nikon Fx cameras. It is even inferior to D7100 in many aspects, especially when the price difference is taken into equation .

  12. I've been looking up for about a year now which nikon camera I want to replace my d3200, i dont want to spend alot of money at all, I was even looking at d200's, d80's, etc. but i want the most camera per dollar i can get. I was set on the d300, but i would like video, and the d7000 seemed like alot more camera for not much more money in 2019. but comparing the d7000 to the d7100,d7200, d600, d750,d810 etc much much more expensive cameras. i was surprised how little more you got for the huge jump in price. i mean for a beginner, you would never need more than what is in a d7000 and their like $220 u.s now for a good condition one on amazon from reputable camera dealers.

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