Home Photography Nikon D6 beats Canon & Sony, ADVENTURE Photo Reviews! (TC LIVE)

Nikon D6 beats Canon & Sony, ADVENTURE Photo Reviews! (TC LIVE)

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  1. Why is it your label says Nikon beat Sony and Canon, and the you spend the time bashing Nikon, on specs that don't exist anywhere is on the web…and commenting about what and why they are doing this , with no actual knowledge ….all based on conjecture… Yet you don't do the same thing to Sony or Canon…stop trying to win back Nikon viewers with misleading segment labels… I stopped watch you as a subscriber months ago….but catch something every once in while …But I've learned now that even when the segment label looks to be somewhat unbiased…IT IS NOT

  2. Nikon users jump ship to Sony. Yeah. Right. When Sony has a fraction of the lens selection- let us all know. This drivel is EXACTLY why I don't subscribe to your channel anymore- this, and wholly unsolicited bashing of undeserving Nat Geo photographers.

  3. My theory is that Nikon has a number of items that can be put into this camera as they been working on this camera for two years.But they want to see what the competition offers. Once they know they will decide what components will go into the D6. They want and need to sell this camera. But in imho I think without a Hybrid viewfinder and good autofocus at 60fps at 4K then it will not sell really well. Nikon needs to pull out all the stops and the patents

  4. PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NX CAMERA. This is such a wonderful camera and I love using it. I have all three Samsung Android cameras. I started with the Samsung Galaxy Camera then I bought the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and finally I bought the Samsung Galaxy NX Camera. I love all three of these cameras. I even love letting my family and friends use the Galaxy Camera or Galaxy Camera 2 both in auto mode and letting them go off all day or week or however long and letting them just shoot as many photos and videos as they want. I also love that all three of these cameras are android which is how I share my photos and videos with my Google Photos account. I am very simplistic and minimalist and with new features from apple, I have decided to use my iPhone exclusively for color grading and editing videos with my iPhone. I also use Lightroom on my iPhone with a preset that I will create for each new batch of photos, so all they photos from an shoot or event will look the same. The only app outside of my iPhone or Android Samsung Galaxy Camera 1 and 2 as well as my Galaxy NX Camera, is iMovie on my Mac Laptop. I still use iMovie on my iPhone but it is severely limited and much more fully featured on the Computer vs the iPhone. Still usable on the phone though, just want that to be said. Anyway, PLEASE DO A VIDEO ABOUT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NX AND SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA 1 & 2 PLEASE.

  5. I have a few thoughts to why they d6 won't go above 14 FPS. The fastest F mount film SLR film is the F3H, which is kinda like a beefed up F3P that shot 14.3 or something FPS. Nikon still uses a mechanical lever to engage the aputure mechanism in the lenses (apart from the newest "E" lenses which are electromagnetic). I believe that that 14 FPS is a mechanical limitation of the SLR system which Nikon has been using for 60 years. The newest E lenses will remove this limitation but it's a hard sell for only some of your lenses to shoot faster than others. Those are my thoughts on the subject I can only wish I knew more

  6. Hi guys,
    I really enjoyed all your videos. I need your help in one problem.
    I am using godox sk400ii studio strobes for product photography and it works well so far but now i got a new project for kids garments and my client is always complaining about color corrections and lighting. Can you help me choosing right light setup for garments? Is flash strobe right option or should i switch to continuous lights?

  7. I love watching you two. These podcasts bring my life so much joy. A year ago, I knew nothing about photography, but I had to learn some basics about video editing for my job, and that's how I found this channel. I can't even begin to explain how influential your videos have been to me. I always thought photography was interesting, but never believed I had it in me to learn it. Your videos and your book really have opened a door for me into something that I now love so much. I have become a total photography nerd, and I can say honestly that it was this channel and these fun podcasts/reviews/etc that inspired me the most. Today I finally got a camera of my own, and I just wanted to write this to thank you two. I am so happy, and soon I will work up the courage to submit a photo! Keep being awesome!

  8. No one cares, but Sony has screwed over so many people over the years with failure to properly support their broad range of electronics. But that’s why thousands of people who remember how Sony treated them will not be jumping to Sony to buy anything. Nikon is not perfect but tens of thousands of Nikon users (and every other brand of camera, and every kind of technology) do not have the financial resources to keep jumping to the next, then the next, then the next camera (or technology) every damn time something new come out. They simply don’t and won’t. As well, 78% of American household are living paycheck-to-paycheck. So over 3/4th of the General Public do not have the financial means or Time or Interest to travel to various locations and events to justify an expensive, camera anyway. Many will continue to use their tried & true digital Nikon DSLR they bought, long before anyone even cared about Sony.

  9. Godafoss is 40'. Look at it, not even close to 80'. You guys like to pixel peep then you go with somebody saying 80' with a kayak when it's clearly not twice as long as the falls they're in. How much attention do you really pay? C'mon you two.

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