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Nikon D5500 vs Pentax K-S2 Review

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We review a Pentax! Yes, that’s no typo – we’re looking at the Pentax K-S2(http://bit.ly/PenK-S2)!! It’s a DSLR that promises lots, with a decent set of specs, …


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  1. Hi Kai,would like to see comparision between Canon T6S (760D)and Nikon D5500.And would also like to take some of your recommendations in genral type of photography for these Dslr's
    Thank you in Advance.

  2. This could be called two idiot people of foreign extraction babbling on about cameras.  Any two IDIOTS can stand out doors and point to the control buttons.  Laboratory testing and photo results are more useful.  If you don't like Budweiser, don't wear the jacket.  For the same reason's people don't wear "I heart Vietnamese child slave labor" sweatpants and jock straps.

  3. I have been traveling the world for the past five years and have not a single time seen any tourist or anyone for that matter with a Pentax DSLR. Who exactly buys Pentax cameras? And who does Pentax market their cameras to?

  4. Hey, thanks a lot for doing this comparison. I am upgrading from my trusty D5100 to possibly one of these cameras, but after this, now I am looking more towards Sony A6. Great, fun review as always.

  5. So I wanted to get the K-S2 and thought it was alright for $600 = £370 but I looked at the Uk website and it was like 500 FUCKING POUNDS, why? Ugh anyone got any ideas of how to get around this?

  6. Okay lets get this out of the way. Yeah I am old. But I still like cool stuff. I had a K-5 mk. 2. Liked it allot. I want something as rugged and an accurate Viewfinder with get this? 100% view. The idiots of Nikon, How long have you been doing this???? Still don't give you that feature. Like it would be so expensive or some sh!t like that. 1 Dial on the D5500? Come on you cheap Bastards at Nikon. I like the Bigger LCD, but I could leave it, meh, BFD. Movies, nice to have a camera that is competent, and the D5500 is the DUH! Choice here. Pentax has its head up it A$$ in video, like it is Broccoli in front of a 5 year old who hates it. The kid would rather get spanked than eat that Broccoli. Though supposedly the K-3 mk.2 is better at eating Broccoli, no I mean doing the Videos.

    I love the support the Nikon has, like Canon, unbeatable. Pentax? You have a what??? What's a Ricoh??? Uh, Pentax????

    Now before someone gets a hard on about how much I hate Nikon, I had a D70,40,200,90, and loved them all. The D70,200, my brother enjoys now. So Nikon, and Canon make dynamite kit. I have looked at a D5500, but value and what you get leave me going huh?? I could just get a D3300, and better glass, and not be the wiser I saved $$$s. The microscope tests might show the D5500 is better, but would I see it everyday? Uh, no. So it is between the D5500, KS-2, and the D3300 that I may go. I need a handy field like camera, so the knocks and bumps are a reality. Sure the Nikons can take some, I have done it, unlike you guys. But the Pentax is made for it, and probably likes it. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Love your guys reviews though. Makes me laugh, but critical evaluation, well, I guess I am not hip. I said I was old.

  7. The only thing I disagree with is calling them 'around the same price'. There is a $300 difference. With that I can get the Pentax 21mm f3.2 Limited lens!

  8. Ha! I was asking around for info because I needed a camera. I used to have A K10d back in the day… One of the responses was "at least buy a real camera this time. No actually I think I might be going with a pentax once again!

  9. I'm a trendy hat-wearing hipster… girl. But I love Pentax! Weren't hipsters about expressing difference and differentiation? Guess that became an illusion rather quickly 😂😂

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