Home Photography Nikon D5 Preview: Is it worth $6,500?

Nikon D5 Preview: Is it worth $6,500?

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Nikon’s flagship D5 is the ultimate camera for many sports, wildlife, and portrait photographers. It has many new features, but with some HUGE caveats–like 4k …


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  1. Focused too much on 4k video early in this segment… I know a lot of people who want this camera badly (including myself) and video isn't even crossing our minds.  I won't ever use it…I have gear specialized for video if I need it.  FPS, Focus Points, ISO, etc. all were topics that should have been covered well before touch screen and video.  Just my opinion.. take it for what it is worth.

  2. We don't want a stinking EVF. The EVF does not give a reasonable preview anyway. The purpose of an EVF is not because they're better. It's because they are an inexpensive solution to there being no optical path through the lens on mirrorless models. Mirrorless cameras are old technology. Even the very cheapest early digital point and shoots were mirrorless. Finally, the price became cheap enough for small LCD screens so they could add an eye-level viewfinder of dubious accuracy to a mirrorless camera. So now we have Oly, Panasonic, Sony et al, but it is not new nor is it innovative. It's a cheap way to make a camera and yet appeal to the PlayStation crowd.

    One of many things I don't like about Ken Rockwell is how he's always claiming, "this is how the pros do it" while he's not and has never been a professional nor probably knows many. Tony makes the similar remarks and has similar experience level. I like Tony's style and presentation, but maybe a little less claiming to be a professional or attempting to judge what a professional might wish in their tools.

  3. Why does it only have a 20 Megapixel sensor? Processing should not be a problem, just use a more powerful processor. Heat could be a issue, but can be sovled. There is space, and if not, make it that tiny amount bigger.

  4. Somehow i think that canon nikon and so on don't want to put the autofucus points in the corners because many lenses are not very sharp at the corners … but their lenses would need an update too i think 😀

  5. Tony / Chelsea, Thank-you for an excellent summation. I especially enjoy this presentation format. No BS or pretentious gratuitous marketing, just the facts – and that's how I like it. Awesome, thanks.

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