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Nikon D4s Hands-on Review

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We take a look at Nikon’s newest flagship – the D4s(http://bit.ly/D4sNikon) – an update to the venerable D4. The previous “S” was the D3s, which was known to be …


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  1. Does anyone here  think that  besides  4k VIDEO AND 102K ISO will there be much difference between the  D4S and the"D5" ? even though  it's not out yet  but  that's the scuttlebutt.  I mean what more can they pack into a camera?

  2. What one should I buy the Nikon D4s or D810 for overall photography? I like to shot in low light, back light, etc, I don't care about video that much, I do mostly still shots, not much action shots.

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