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Nikon D3400 Overview Tutorial

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Table of Contents: 00:26 What I Don’t Cover 00:50 Memory Cards on Amazon http://help.tc/SD 5:45 Ports 6:48 Manual Focus 7:23 Taking and Reviewing a …


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  1. Dxo sensor rating very high on this camera,better than d3300 ,tweaked sensor exceed maybe,anyway better colour than D7200 and not far off its Dynamic range.i was overly critical because of SnapBridge and losing some flash power and no mic input but when I had one image quality did seem a bit improved over the already excellent D3300 Thom Hogan noted it also especially with the newer AFP lenses and faster focus.now there is a D3500,similar but wonder how the sensor score on DXO will be .

  2. I absolutely love Tony and Chelsea’s tutorial. I sit and watch this video with a notebook in hand everyday during downtime at work. I’m actually learning how to use my camera—and learning about my camera at the same time!

    Now I do have a question… I will be using my D3400 to take photos of my boyfriends bands gig in the near future. What settings are recommended for photos in a dark room (bar) with constant motion and some light effects behind the band?

  3. i have a problem with my new Nikon D3400, unable to connect with smart phone Bluetooth errors. Snapbridge app ditacting Camera but camera says unable to connect

  4. Hi I’m a new photographer and I have a D3400 now for about a year. And looking to upgrade to a Nikon D7100 would this be and upgrade or a down grade for use in 2019 for small gigs portrait and street photography please give me feedback Thank you

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