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Nikon D3300 vs D5300 and 18-55mm vs 18-140mm comparison review: AF, GPS, and Wi-fi

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  1. I bought the D5500 because of the touch screen and it articulates also. It came with the 18-55 and 55-300 kit lens. So far I've purchased the 35mm f1.8. The 50mm 1.8 is next. What do you think of the new 300mm f4 pf lens for birds?

  2. hello sir…😀 my name is Ajay from delhi and I'm truly inspired watching ur video on YouTube.I just bought a new camera which is Nikon d5300 with kit len 18 to 55mm…this is a very great camera and I'm loving it playing around all the time…I have learned so much about the camera throw ur videos. thank u so much sir… Actually sir I love to take portrait and wildlife photo and this camera is giving me the best and sharp images but when I'm zooming them images becomes little blurry so I just want to know where's the problem is? and I also bought a tripod. Most of the times I prefer to use tripod only…

  3. Tony I just bought a external mic for my new D5600 . The RODE VideoMicro is no battery needed.The instructions say to turn on the plugin power setting for the mic. I cannot find this setting. Does the D5600 even have this setting?

  4. I know this video is a few years old, but just looked at it as I was researching current kit lenses for D5600/D5500 for my brother. I thought I'd add my perspective on the 18-140mm lens. In 2014 I owned a D3100 with the kit 18-55. In August of that year I was planning a couple week trip to North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Having been there previously in 2010 with a small Nikon point & shoot & an Olympus Ultra Zoom, I knew I wanted something a bit longer than 55mm. So I picked up a used 55-105 locally. That and my D3100 did a wonderful job for me on that trip. Between then and December 2016 I acquired a D5500. I planned another trip for December '16 and once again I really only wanted to carry my D5500 with one lens attached. I travel far and wide on the Island and like to travel light, and photography is important but not my main gig while there. The 18-140 did exactly what I wanted. Actually if anything, I wished I had a wider lens, not longer, for some landscape pics, BUT since I am using crop sensor cameras I have learned to do some quite good panoramas to stich when I get back home. Bottom line, if you're planning travel and want to go light, but have a decent lens on your camera for most everyday purposes, the 18-140 wins hands down. Of course if you are looking to take serious photographs you'd be packing more gear anyways.

  5. Hi,

    I am considering between a D3400 and D5300.
    I will only use it to shoot indoor (99%) for properties which are usually in low light condition. I will also purchase a ultra wide angle for this camera.

    I read somewhere I believe on Quora where somebody said it is better to get a D5300 as it has more AF.
    However the ISO on the D5300 is lower than on D3400.

    Which is more important for my use? Higher ISO or AF?


  6. Can i use 18-140mm lens with D3300 and get the best picture as of the D5300? Please i need to know it because am thinking of buying this 18-140mm ; you may answer me even through my email rjnyanda@gmail.com; am from Tanzania.

  7. Just in case anyone is thinking about picking up a secondhand D3300, the AF mechanism it uses in "Live Mode" (looking at the image on the screen rather than thru the lens) is not very good. It is bad enough that I never use Live Mode. The standard AF thru the lens works fine for this particular and eternal amateur. I wish I had known this before I purchased it 4 or 5 years ago though. I would have passed on the D3300. I do not know if the D5300 suffers the same deficiency. I hope someone who knows the D5300 will report on that.

  8. Hi tony & Chelsea love your channel and have just bought your book, I have the d5300 Nikon, during this video I noticed that when using the screen it showed the image of Chelsea as you were taking the shot. How do I activate this on my Nikon, as I have not been able to?

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