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Nikon D3100 Hands-on Review

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Nikon has released the D3100(http://bit.ly/NikoD3100), which is an update to their entry-level DSLR range (the predecessors being the D3000 and the D5000).


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  1. I used this for more than 4 years and I am still using that and will keep using it. My kid is almost 5 years old. I brought it when she was born. I wanted to get a new one for a couple times. d3200, d3300 d5500 but I still stick with this one. honestly I spend those money to some prime lenses like the cheappy boom boom dx 35mm f1.8G and the not so expensive 85mm f1.8G. I still really satified with the photo quality especially indoor family photos like birthday party. It works really well at night out door like night market when we go for vacation or kids playing in the play ground.

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