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Nikon Coolpix Overview Tutorial

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A free detailed tutorial for using Nikon Coolpix cameras. For other cameras, visit http://sdp.io/tutorials. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:35 Specific Models 01:25 What …


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  1. Three years ago I switched from Nikon Coolpix P900 to Olympus Micro 4/3ds. Recently I was looking way back at some old photos that where taken by the P900 and they looked really good so I wanted to give this camera a second chance but kinda forgot how to use it. This was a good refresher for using the Nikon. Thanks tony!

  2. Thanks!
    The only piece of advice I will disregard is about the lens cap.
    Mine came with a strap. I attached it to the camera stap.
    POP! In a split second it is off, but never lost. And in the conditions I am often in, wind and thus probable grit, on mule rides, that extra protection is a good idea.

  3. This was such a great video. I learned so much about my camera. I will be getting it back tomorrow. And I will be trying so much stuff I learned. Plus I will have a safe place to put my collection of photos and videos. Thanks.

  4. thank you for a cogent explanation of the digital camera. I just purchased a used Nikon P500 and look forward to reviewing your book and the other videos. Great information in a simple format. Thanks a million.

  5. My One is brand new, and I’m wanting to use it to record videos, but when I press the record button it starts recording then stops after several seconds, it’s got brand new batteries, and and empty memory on the SD and the Camera

  6. Hi Tony – Great video!! At least I learned how to shut that annoying beep off-THANKS!! The only other feature I would like to see is to be able to disable the auto shut off mode.
    I have a Nikon Coolpix B500.. I do many hours of wildlife pictures and it becomes a continuing nightmare of having to turn the camera back on after it goes into battery saver mode or shuts down completely. Invariably; it will shut down just when things get interesting. I have missed more once in a lifetime shots because of this very aggravating feature that, as far as I know cannot be controlled by the user. Is there a shut off that I'm not aware of? I have not downloaded the newer firmware or software for this camera. I'm kind of apprehensive to do so in fear that something may happen and I'll loose the camera completely.

    Thanks… I'll be watching for more of your videos.

  7. I enjoyed this tutorial. I really appreciate your list in the table of contents where you break down each topic by the minute marker!
    I will definitely be re-watching specific areas you spoke about as I learn to use my new Nikon camera. Thank you.

  8. Your closeup shots of the camera are often blocked by your hand. You might consider viewing the camera from different angles and/or moving your hand out of the way for a few seconds.

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