Home Photography Nikon 70-200 f/2.8E Review: Portrait Game Changer! (vs f/2.8G & Canon)

Nikon 70-200 f/2.8E Review: Portrait Game Changer! (vs f/2.8G & Canon)

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  1. A couple points on hand-holding ergonomics when used with a high-end body (d800, d800E, d810):
    1) WOW! The combo becomes a HEAVY beast. If you are used to hold the lens close to the zoom ring (now at the front), then you are no longer helping support the body weight. It feels unbalanced.
    2) To compensate, one may want to hold the lens near the focus ring and extend your index finger to zoom. Not the most natural thing to do, but one can get used to it.
    Not a problem when used with a tripod in studio, but I would definitely try to avoid the smaller / travel tripods.

  2. I haven't found comparisons with the 70-200mm F4. Likely because pros mostly look to upgrade between old and new F2.8. For whatever it is worth, here are a few notes below about center point Sharpness out of my recent controlled in-studion target tests (not real-world) between the new F2.8 and the F4:
    1) @70mm, the new F2.8 lens is sharper than the F4, until f8 when they are both equal.
    2) @105mm and 200mm, the new F2.8 lens definitely is sharper than the F4, even at f8.
    3) The new F2.8 is sharper @ f2.8 than the F4 @ f4 across the focal length.
    4) The color rendition of the F2.8 (at comparable f-stops and exposures) is more contrasty, i.e more separation between whites and blacks.

  3. In your other review, you chose the other cameras with there 70-200 because of Nikon's 70-200 had problems, now that the new one is here, how do you feel about that now?

  4. Nikon's new lenses are just so cost prohibitive these days. Of course they do market research and their studies must seem to confirm the market can support this kind of price increase. Not sure if I agree.

  5. hello. Can you make a comparison with the new Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 ? I think everyone wants to see how is performing. I'm verry interested in buying because i had the first version and it was verry good.

  6. I prefer the look of the Canon lens much more. It looks like more of the blue light has been filtered out of the Nikon glass giving it that yellow look. Also the tonal range looks larger to my eye on the canon as well

  7. It would be a great help if you annotated the other places you discuss the heavy focus breathing of the older Nikon 70-200 lenses with a link to this video. We are many who still enjoys your older videos and it's important information that there now is a worthy alternative to Canon's legendary 70-200. Thanks for your great and valuable work!

  8. metabones speedbooster XL for Fullframe , EF lens /// but sigma 16-35mm UFO for crop /// So it will vignetting !!!!!!!!// Speedbooster is so good but Not match XL dan EF-S lenses

  9. Hi, I really love the comparison videos you guys make! So I was wondering if you could make a comparison between the newest Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 and the newest Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 because I'm thinking of buying one of them and I can't tell if the Nikon version is worth the extra money.

  10. Thanks for the info! I am a little confused by the focus breathing comments. I initially thought focus breathing was purely the motion in and out while the camera searches for focus, which would be mostly pronounced in videos. If that is the case, how does it have an impact on bokeh? I feel like I must be missing something here..

  11. From what I have researched the old VR2 is a little sharper in the centre at 200mm, but other than that the new one is sharper at all other lengths, especially in the corners. The old one controls flare a little better also.

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