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Nikon 35mm f/1.4 G AF-S vs f/2 AF-D

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In this video we compare Nikon’s most recent 35mm lens – the f/1.4 G AF-S(http://bit.ly/AFS-35mm14) – and compare it to the much cheaper, older f/2 AF-D …


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  1. I don't know why I should want to watch a video which wants to tell me that my AF-D produces pictures with awful bokeh. I had fun shooting with it until today and I'm going to search for fun stuff about gear somewhere else.

  2. What mode does anybody recommend for street photography? Because sometimes I need to be in aperture priority but also need to control my shutter speed. I appreciate any answer 🙂

  3. Kai always seems a bit surprised when people recognise him and want to say hello and either take his picture or have one taken with him. He should realise by now that he and Lok, and Alamby of course, have become firm favourites with thousands of followers. I count myself among them. 🙂

  4. The 35mm f/1.4 G feels great on my D700, looks great and shoots stunning images.  The D lens on the other hand is just adequate and sort of just there.  The dental drill sound the D makes while focusing is indeed annoying, and the bokeh is ugly.  The only D lens I like is the 60mm 2.8  D macro but I try to use the manual mode when I can.  The G series is the way to go and I love the 1.4 series.  I would rather have a few excellent lenses than a whole bag of outdated mediocre ones.  Sometime less is more if it means I have less G lens.  Good review.

  5. Kai always recommends expensive lens over the budget lens. He should emphasize what is the best use of a budget lens. Nikon India video recommends a 35 mm lens for group portraits and an aperture of f/8 to have everyone in sharp focus. If so, why not buy a budget lens? I think reviewers do not understand why Nikon makes such a variety of lenses and continues to produce older lenses even after they introduced the f/1.8 and f/1.4 lenses. Kai always talks of bokeh even for wide angle lenses!!!

  6. dude …you talk absolute bullshit in your reviews. worthless… "there s nothing wrong with it… it takes photos "… seriously ???! @ 00:45… I ll tell you what's wrong… ITS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY that sucks. the lens is brilliant… I use it and it's excellent. have taken some stunning shots with it

  7. If the side by side photos were intended to show the superiority of the $1,600 lens over the $300 lens, I'm afraid I missed the point, especially on a 12 mp D700, which is what I still shoot. Thanks for showing me that for the $1300 difference, I'm not missing out on anything that I need by using the 35mm f2 AF-D lens.

    I could perhaps see someone buying the AF-S 1.8 G version at $500 for use on a newer, higher resolution camera if it is any good, which I'm sure it probably is.

  8. I have a 24mm 1.4G but went for the 35mm f/2. Why? Because I wanted a nice small and light prime, not a boat anchor for this specific length. I may one day get the 1.4. I prefer lugging the 35 to the 24 at the moment. The 24mm however is an excellent lens as the 35mm 1.4G no doubt is.

  9. Unfortunately not very good review, only praising 1.4g lens as it is newer and more expensive.

    I have owned f/2d for years and have never wished it was sharper, wide open resolves eye lashes but DOF is already very narrow so focus needs to be spot on.

    F/2d has amazingly rich and deep colours, it is low element count lens, B&W pictures are on pair with voigtlander 25mm 1.4, I can't find any faults and as it is small balances very well on my d3s

    Really I can't see a reason to buy a bigger 35mm even if it was priced the same

  10. 6 times the price? That teddy bear test of background blur proofed that unless you print at a2 no one is gonna tell the diff, and the same principle for sharpness. Then again your trying to flick these of for a commission so yes 6 times the price you do try and justify hug

  11. It's funny bc you do come across as an obnoxious twat at times but in this vid you really do prove yourself to be one, especially around the 5 minute mark. What a prick.

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