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Nikon 28mm f/1.8 AF-S Hands-on Review (feat. MS Optical 28mm)

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We take a look at Nikon’s latest 28(http://bit.ly/28mmNikkor), which is an AF-S lens. Nikon shooters haven’t exactly been spoilt for choice with 28mm primes, …


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  1. I think Kai has lost focus in both subject and in camera compared to his 24mm 1.8 review.  He needs to leave the Leica at home, because no one is really impressed, certainly Leica users nor Nikon owners seeking a objective and detailed review of a Nikon lens.  The clowning around is entertaining to a certain point then becomes a tasteless bore.  Who buys a 28mm for Bokeh???  Keep it real.  Lose the ghetto, show us some sights, gardens, the river, some night life etc. He should know something  about professional ethics running up to wheel chair people in their faces is embarrassing and disrespectful.  Compared to other DigitalRev TV reviews this was really sad.

  2. This fellow reviews lens in most irritating way. He goes about market place to review a 24mm lens. His analysis contains more drama than details. He defeats the very purpose of reviews!

  3. which one better this one or 24mm f1.8G for wedding photography? Im looking for wide but not too wide such as 20mm.. im planning to have sigma 35mm 1.4 art too..so which one should i choose 24mm or 28mm ?

  4. Please help: I am looking to do some street portraiture mostly (on an FX body that is), I use my 50 and 85 but would like to try some wider shots… Would I be better off with the 28 1.8g, the 35 1.8g FX (which I've heard is bad for the price but that is a better focal length than 28 I would think?) Or even the 35mm 1.8 dx (and just correct the vignette and crop in a bit)

    Thank you to anyone that can help me!

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