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Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II Hands-on Review

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Due to popular demand, we are reviewing this DX-format superzoom lens from Nikon. The original 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G VR was introduced in 2005 and was a …


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  1. can somebody please help me with choosing between the 70-300, 55-300 or the 55-200 nikon's. i need to know which one zooms further. i will be shooting surf photography so will be about 75 meters from the subject. image stabilisation is a must. and does the 55-200 zoom the same amount as the 55-300mm??

  2. I have bought this one- but still I'm thinking about selling it for buying the Tamron 18-270mm- which I was told is sharper, cheaper and more solid. I wouldn't even care about the extra 70mm.
    Would this be a good Idea? Is there anything where the old Nikkor 18-200 is better than the Tamron?


  3. I have seen nothing but rave reviews on this lens so I splashed and got one. I have yet to get one really sharp image from it and yes, I know how to use a camera. I've been at it for nearly 60 years and I have picked up a few things on the way.

  4. 4:07 Super rookie question here, but why does he use 1/4000s and ISO400 in some photos instead of ISO100 and a lower shutter speed? People always say to use the lowest ISO possible, but the photos looked great to me!

  5. Dont know why there is negative comments on this lense.. i own it and i gotta say its a great lense. maybe a little soft at 200mm but arnt most superzooms.. ive shot images with this lense what now hang in a lot of hotels…offices…studio's….even supermarkets.. all i can say is.. its never failed me.. stay away from poor sigma and tamron lenses with their soft and poor quality and Chromatic aberration…. get this lense and shoot away..

  6. first i'm sorry
    i am the beginner
    i wanna ask you
    why the fotographer professional bring many lenses
    better than bring only one lens
    and the lens have long focal length

  7. I have the original and a few primes and a few 70-300 lens. But, have now moved up from a D7100 to a D800 and need a full frame lens now.I shoot street and portraiture mostly-rarely sports and never macro. So…tryibg to decide if I should get a 24-70 (and sacrifice the much extra length of zoom or get a new 80-200 and sacrifice the shorter field of view.
    Hmm.. after watching this great review, getting the version 2 is a waste for me, but I miss an all around wide angle to zoom option for a good quality (to match the megapixel upgrade from my fill frame D800. Well…guess I shall rent a 24-70 1.8 again and a 80-200 2.8 and see which I use the most. Thanks for all of your years of wonderful videos guys!!

  8. Why do you always use language that is sexual suggestive. I have a 10 year old daughter who is showing an interest in photography and it is distressing to listen to your constant sexual innuendos. Maybe you feel sexually inadequate. Grow up and talk about photography, instead of the trash that comes out of your mouth.

  9. So now I have 3 lenses: the 18-55mm kit lens. the 50 – 200 mm lens, and the 70-300 mm lens… This clearly is an optimal lens for hiking when you want to capture the flower in the path as well as the deer in the distance…. While the 50-200mm lens is handy, it ends up being neither fish nor fowl and simply inadequate for much of anything…

  10. This is still a great 1-lens solution for travelling. I have it on my D7200 and couldn't be happier. It is a Tank of a lens. The build quality is excellent.
    "Use primes if you have the time"… which I don't with kids and family.

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