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New Camera Rumors, Travel photo review, CHIT CHAT: TC Live

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  1. My favorite line: Chelsea responds to ""Doesn't tell me anything about the location" -> "Tells us everything about the location!" from the Milky way shot. Awesome, so true, you can probably get the exact GPS coordinates of where the camera was located based on the date/time of the picture and the stars positions in the shot.

  2. We have some of these scientific cameras at work. The sensor unit alone costs 10x the price of the consumer/pro-cameras these chips would be in. Ours don't have a Bayer-filter, so they are all black and white. I don't even know if the chip has several ISO-settings, no scientist would even think about using anything but the base ISO. The funny thing is that it has a conventional F-mount, so if you really want to, you can take that camera, with its external power supply and tethering via optical fiber, attach a lens and take some BW-images via the control software.

    Btw there are far more advanced science cameras. People are now building pixels that count single photons, pixels that are communicating with their neighbours or even have an in-pixel memory. The last case is used for frame rates in the MHz regime where data cannot be moved out of the pixel fast enough and must therefore be stored in-pixel until the buffer is full…

  3. Yeah, why arent the viewfinder on the side like the sony a6xxx cameras? It is very strange to have it in the middle when the technology is not restricting the placement of the viewfinder. The placement of the viewfinder is probably the only thing i really like on my a6000.

  4. Thanks a lot by reviewing my shot!! Actually you don't need to learn arabic or even a guide to travel an Morocco. With French it's completely fine and in mayor cities actually English is also useful. I did hitchhike all over the country for 3 months. How exciting! Thanks again

  5. Tony is clueless in some of the photos, so off today, when usually he's on point. Chelsea has such a natural eye and constructive criticism, she always says what I'm thinking.

  6. You really really don't need a tour guide in freaking Morocco… Unless you're going for trips in the desert but in general there is a pretty good infrastructure for tourists and its pretty easy to get around.

  7. Morocco safe?
    Maybe you should ask Maren Ueland (Norway) and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen (Denmark) their thoughts about that.
    Oh now you cant, their throats were cut by IS-sympathisers during the visit there.

  8. I'm going to southern France shortly …

    Note to self: "Get a picture of what makes this place unique."
    Best quote ever … I need to burn this in my cranium.

    Tony is obviously the technical guru but I love Chelsea's explanations about composition and how to think before taking a picture, she explains it so well. You two complement each other very well … perfect illustration of Yin and Yang (technical vs artistry).

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