Home Photography NEVER have I seen SO MANY drones!!

NEVER have I seen SO MANY drones!!

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Castle’s and Cliffs with Shonduras @ the Power of Video Conference in Northern Ireland! Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack (ON SALE 20% OFF UNTIL …


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  1. You have probably gotten an answer already but i couldn't find it below… so: The rockformation is called columnar basalt, its formed when the lava (now basalt) cools down and crystallize. The cracks form just as drying cracks in mud.

  2. You think Northern Ireland beautiful you haven’t seen nothing yet. If you’re ever in Ireland again make sure you visit the west of Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way especially Donegal and Kerry, that’s were the real beauty lies🇮🇪

  3. 5:55 Dude, science will tell you it's natural lava flow.. But… look into ''Mountains are trees'' I know, sounds crazy but makes more sense. Those hexagonal rocks are the same as molecular fires in a plant.

  4. You should come to Sweden and shoot. In Stocholm in sweden there is a cemetary called Skogskyrkogården that you should totaly shuut. It is on the unesco world heritage list.
    When it was built, it was called "tallum"

    Great place to shoot landscapes, buildings and woodlands. Stockholm city is also a great place to shoot,,,
    Can you make an ultra easy tutorial on editing?

    Gustaf Göramsson

  5. That's where I live for the last decade. Back in a day I was nomading through Europe without a plan, got here and just couldn't leave. Now I'm riding a bike around this island, sometimes filming (which I totally suck at) and am enjoying the scenery.

  6. Otherworldly scenery, like something straight out of Game of Thrones, or a video game! Truly spectacular.
    "So good!" = Pete's personal catchphrase. He says it at least a couple of times in every episode, sometimes much more. 😃

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