Home Photography My TRAVEL GEAR For NORWAY – Time To FINALLY TRAVEL Again


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  1. Hey guys, could you check out my latest video and give me some feedback? What happened to travel feels feedback? keep up the amazing work Matt. I hope to see you grow up to 1M like I did with Peter since his first 100k! 😁

  2. I NEED HELP BIG TIME RIGHT NOW!!!!! I took my camera out again today, And on the way to the store and such, I take my camera with me. And I take photos of the leaves on the tree's or the sidewalk and the tree's long the side walk, there are peoples homes I do live in a homed area. I dont know what that's called, rural?! something anyway. just regular homes. I live in an apartment on the street, and as I walk up the sidewalk, I take photos of the tree's and leaves on the trees, and like a nice portrait shot of the sidewalk and the tree's lining up the sidewalk! ANd supposedly the people who live around here, are now saying WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! and there's a paper/letter going around saying Im taking photos of peoples homes and personal property! I have never done so! ITs all the trees, and sidewalk and leaves on the tree's that are not on their property but on the city property! See I live in Canada! And I dont know if this is everywhere in the world, But here in Canada. the sidewalks and anything on them, is city property! and thats what Im taking photos of! apparently they think im photographing them and their property, and someone came up to me and was trying to interrogate me saying im doing all this stuff, photographing them! and I had my sun glasses on and she tried to grab them off my head! saying I want to know who im talking too! and then further on my walk, I caught someone from the neighbourhood filming me! WHAT DO I DO?!??!? Im not a professorial photographer, Im just an Instagram photographer. I dont make money off this, Its all just personal photos, But I've never TAKEN any photo's of anyone's personal space!

  3. Hey People hope you are all doing great. Just released a new drone video of Bali's volcano (Agung) on my channel. I'd appreciate if you could check it out and my other videos as well. Thanks people 😀

  4. Lenses without lens caps make me seriously nervous, pleeeeaaase get it on that old school lens 😂 Great video though! So interesting to see what you're taking, I totally agree with packing as light as possible. Major drone envy!!

  5. Hej Matthi! Can I ask you what is the port-replier again? I have a macbook but its from the Dinosaurs era, a beautiful snow flake from 2008 and still use it as my laptop so that thing would help me if they create port-repliers for dino-laptops!

    Norway! Yes I have norwegian friends and I should visit Norway more because landscapes have to be impressive, i go every year to Oslo but then we head to Sweden for Rally Sweden so…..

    Landscapes and so on: We don't beat Norway i am sure about that, but you should pay a visit to Barcelona and the Catalunya country/region…. Because we have the seaside, the wild seaside wich is love, Montserrat (go check! Amazing mountain), The Pyrinees and those are gorgeous mountains, not mega high but awesome, we have vineyard fields, we have mini volcanos, we have something called La Fageda d'En Jordà with amazing colours all year round, and Roman old buildings over here and there, Barcelona of course, and so many spots one can name as if you like sports Camp Nou and the Circuit de Catalunya but also amazing old sports related like the 4th oldest Racetrack ever build in the world named Terramar, we jave the Congost de Montrebell path wich is beautiful, we have crazy architecture (you know that guy, Gaudí), great food great wine and specially great sunny (most year round but it can be snowing or rainning also) weather! And above all distances aren't massive, you can reach the south from the north in maybe 3-4 hours by car! Hugs!

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