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Moqueca (Brasilian Fish Stew) | Jamie & Santos

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We’ve launched a new channel, Food Tube Brasil, whooooo!!! And to kick it all off, Jamie has invited one of his oldest friends, Santos, to show us the beautiful …


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  1. Jamie you are such a huge inspiration to the cooking that goes on in our family!

    If you are maybe interested I am a daily vlogger living on a wine farm with my family of 16! I would love it if you would come and check my channel out and let me know what you think 🙂

  2. Давайте создавать в Украине канал фудтуб! Я готов заняться этим с большой честью! Нам надо чем то розбавлять будни нашей страны, а только одна война и кризис на экранах! На чем воспитаются наши дети…?

  3. Existem 2 tipos de moqueca : a Baiana e a capixaba. Somente a Baiana leva azeite de dendê; a capixaba leva azeite normal.
    Particularmente eu prefiro a Baiana, pois o sabor e aroma do dendê são fantasticos.

  4. Just wondering if you guys post the full recipe somewhere. I have been trying to get it to do a shopping list but can't find it. It would be so helpful if the recipe is posted so I can print it and include in my cookbook. ☺️ This looks so yummy and I am definitely going to make it.

  5. Was eating my breakfast, saw this video and Puked . I am sorry but the ingredients look absolutely disgusting, i mean the worms still have their eyes and whiskers. >_< My goodness.

    No offense to anyone maybe its just me, I do know i am the weird one here. ^_^

  6. This is not really a moqueca! Coming from the State where the moqueca was created, Bahia, you should have stated this is an ensopado, which is the name for the version without dende oil.

  7. Guys
    I made this using fresh fish from Swansea market(Wales) and it was amazing, I have been making different fish meals from around the world and must say that this is a favourite. One variation served it with lemon rice.

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