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Moment Drone Anamorphic Lens REVIEW

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  1. Dude. Getting up early does suck! But the rewards can be great.

    Lately I’ve been getting up at 5am to work on my channel and there are some serious, “what am I doing here?”, “is this the life I want” moments!!

    Nice vid as always

  2. How do you control shutter speed? Can you stack an ND filter? Does it have one built in? To get the full cinematic effect we'll need the ability to shoot at a 180 shutter angle.

  3. Hey sir Mattih Haapoja. I am Isaias Turgo, a teenage boy from the Philippines. I am a subscriber of yours and whenever you upload a video, I always watch it. I am inspired by all your work both photography and videography. By the way, next year I'll be studying Film at the University of the Philippines. I want to learn the basics of using camera both photography and videography. But, my parents cannot afford to buy me a camera and such gears. I hope you'll be able to help me. I hope you'll also be able to read this. I always pray to God for your health. May God bless you. Thank you for inspiring me and others.

  4. No! That footage wasn’t that good! How hard is it to fly your drone around in circles? And the drone shadow? L A M E And the lens streak/flares are sub par — quite distracting to say the least.

  5. $300 for piece a of glass that creates too many flares?? No wonder they’re hyped up about it. Come to think of it, I’ll have some of what they’re smoking.

  6. Yeah, but. DJI added orbit, and everyone did orbit…and that trivialized orbit. Now, if you're a professional, you almost shouldn't do orbit because it's in every amateur video. I'm completely conflicted on the long-term utility of tools like this. At least for the reason of adding such gimmicky artifacts to one's images. Still, thanks for highlighting this product for us. As usual, you explain it (and show it off) very well.

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