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Mocking Every Hollywood Political Lecture Ever

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Conservatives mock boring and predictable political video from elitist Hollywood liberals.


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  1. I've an idea, US actors! Quit using a green screen to produce another dull sequel to another dull movie … and try "acting" in your movies … like Europeans do. Hollywood movies suck nowadays. Plenty of European actresses can "act" circles around Meryl Streep … because Europeans fucking "act" for a living.

  2. That was a great…tremendous…fantastic…wonderful example of the pretentiousness and misplaced self-importance of the Hollywood aristocracy.

  3. I find it hard to love this.  They're so good at lampooning the Hollywood libs that they force me back into lib-land.  It's like watching Kate McKinnon do Hillary.  She reminds me enough of Hillary to make me want to spare myself the pain of spending more time with Hillary.  Sorry for spoiling the party …

  4. That is without a doubt the best video I have ever seen.  These Hollywood actors fail to remember they need us more than we need them.  And can someone make a video that bans Ben Affleck from another Batman movie.

  5. I subscribed today, because President Donald J. Trump, called on Katie for a question today! An indication, that your news source has not been compromised! No more MSM fake news for me! I am done with it!

  6. " The public opinion of actors was very low, placing them within the same social status as criminals and prostitutes, and acting as a profession was considered illegitimate and repulsive." Wikipedia "Theatre of ancient Rome".

  7. When will Hollywood actors realize that we don't give a fuck what they have to say.
    Are they really that stupid and detached? Yes unfortunately, they seem to be under this illusion that we the public are just lowly morons who hang on to their every word. They somehow think we can't distinguish between characters played in a movie and who they might be in real life.
    They believe it's their moral duty to spew drivel to the unwashed simpletons who would otherwise not cope without celebrity interference and guidance. When will they learn that the rest of the public do not follow orders like the bubble of asslicking yes-men that surround them.
    They live in a world of pampered ignorance and most of them can't bloody act anyway.

  8. There was a time when actors were considered 2nd class citizens. Somehow thanks to movies and television they have been revered as gods. We may love the characters they play. But they are still 2nd class based on who they are off camera. While they may live in gated mansions, they are equivalent to trailer trash by the way they think and talk. It's time to remind them how we really see them. Which is who they truly are. They are no one to be admired and they have done nothing of true sustance to contribute to humanity.

    They pretend or portray real people who HAVE done great things. These actors only mimic what others have done. Hollywood celebrities are nothing more than trained seal's or monkey's.

  9. Hollywood is not the majority of the american people, no matter how much they think they are. But if you were to tell them that, they would melt like the snowflakes they are.

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