Home Photography Micro 4/3 vs High-end Compact (Panasonic GF3 vs LX-5)

Micro 4/3 vs High-end Compact (Panasonic GF3 vs LX-5)

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With camera manufacturers making their mirrorless cameras smaller and smaller these days it leads one to wonder why people would consider a compact …


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  1. Finally, somebody that brings some humour into the "review arena"! I like all your vids.

    Nice audio, great post and fantastic hands down use make these vids worth watching.

    And hey, listen, if you don't like them, you have the option of NOT WATCHING so lively up mates!

  2. It's funny how Alamby's command of the English language deteriorated the longer she worked for DigitalRev TV. In this video she sounds pretty decent. In the video's she did at the and of her carreer with DigitalRev, she almost sounded like a Hong Kong native with just 2 years of high school English lessons under her belt.

  3. interestingly a few of these wishes came through
    medium format mirrorless ✓
    nikon made soemthing actually decent ✓
    Pentax recently did pretty well ✓
    but rip free leicas and canon 5d mk 5

  4. Your the best , great educational video, as always . I just bought a gf3 for 135 Canadian dollars . No lens . I also bought my wife a gf5 dirt cheap , new and half price . Complete. Great small cameras. We are going to take our cameras to Hong Kong at the start of May. Travel light .

  5. Alamby in Leggings is only bested by Kinki in pantyhose! I could have walked up to the tree, reached up, pulled a branch down and wrapped the stupid thing around it and let it go…Or is that considered cheating?

  6. I have an LX-5 and it is a great little camera — easy one-handed camera including operating the zoom. My first street camera!
    I like the idea of a pocketable camera that mounts the 14 mm and 20 mm… 🤔
    The LX-5 has a nice Dynamic Black & White mode/style… does the GF3???

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