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Messenger Bag Review: Everyday Messenger, Ona Brixton, Domke Herald, LowePro Urban Reporter, 24/7

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We review four camera messenger bags for photographers: * 0:15 – Lowepro Urban Reporter ($60 on Amazon http://help.tc/reporter) * 2:22 – Adorama 24/7 …


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  1. I do not know in why everyone likes the Peak Design line? It is not the best in bags, not padded, expensive Prada bag for camera shooters to show off, I do not like 24/7 bag to bulky, and heavy, as WHY bring a massive bag if your bringing One Camera, and two lenses, what else your bringing? That 17" laptop keep it at home. For me I got a bag from Amazon, a simple 18" Retro cotton canvas messenger bag with padded strap, that is my every bag-laptop, camera, run bag, and it cost me just $49.00 As I was so happy, that I bought another one. But I still have my Domke camera bags… F2, and F1X, and satchels by Domke-Made in the USA…. And I should know due to that I work at a camera store for 33 years and ow retired shooter, and doing my part of my photography in peace…

  2. NO! NO NO! I would never hang my camera on a Peak design bag, Are you crazy??? Your asking for a big accident, and repair bill. It sucks, bad design, you carried your camera always to be alerted, more weight, and it is the most bulky heavy bag, more like design for Geeks. Long live Domke the White House Press Photographers Bag by Choice, Hate the Domke Metro Sucks… That 480 dollar bag, you can find one online from China much cheaper than that price, and Why??? Keep your camera bag and gear SIMPLE, hey what about CHROME Camera bags???.

  3. Hey I just got similar bag like the $480 dollar from China, right now it is has my Fuji DSLR camera bodies inside, and it is Padded, and I paid $59 with $12.00 on the shipping, still quite a bag that your showing and of a saving of $410 for that I still have left over for BIlls to pay.. DO the math.

  4. I think those peak design connectors are for keys. All bags here looks like the're made for big guys. Maybe you could do a review bags for small kits or bags for women. Tony looks like a husband justifying his purchased expensive things to his wife. 🙂

  5. The everyday messenger bag is pretty good looking but its pockets aren't that useful. They are thin and quite rigid. Actually the whole bag is quite rigid. Could be good or bad, depends on the point of view. Solid build but can't really stretch much. The camera compartment was pretty good. Would've been better if it came with at least 3 dividers instead of the 2.
    Got it on Kickstarter, as it turned out, wasn't that great of a deal. Wasn't that much cheaper. And didn't come with the mounting plate. After using this bag, I'm pretty sure I would've choosen the tenba copper instead.

  6. Was this a bag overview or video to complain about everything they've bought …painfully negative tone through the whole video…sounded like sarcastic high school girls

  7. 👜Lowepro Urban Reporter ($60 on Amazon http://help.tc/reporter)
    👜Adorama 24/7 Messenger ($80 on Amazon http://help.tc/247)
    👜Everyday Messenger ($250 on Amazon http://help.tc/everyday). NOTE: This bag DOES NOT include the camera clasp or leash–those were extras that Peak Design included in our copy without us knowing.
    👜Domke Herald ($300on Amazon http://help.tc/herald)
    👜Ona Brixton ($440 on Amazon http://help.tc/onabrixton )

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