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MAXIMIZE your video Potential on YouTube!

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  1. So I recently started taking video and photo seriously a couple months ago. Upgraded from Nikon D5300 to Sony a7iii… long story short, I have a bunch on Nikkor asp-c lenses. Will using super 35 with these lenses ruin my image quality??

  2. As I’ve said on many of your other videos; not everyone watches on their phones. The experience is worse for me now on my 4K tv. So eeerrr, thanks? 🤔 Really hope you haven’t started a trend with this one.

  3. Hey guys! Really really need some help here. So after watching this tutorial, I then was able to make my video screen bigger on YouTube in the aspect ratio of 2:1, on the very first video I tried it on. Ever since then, every video I upload is NOT in the 2:1 ratio??? and the black bars are visible when I playback on desktop ( Which is not suppose to happen) I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. If there is anyone out there who can save me, would be extremely appreciated!!!

  4. What's up man?! Great video. I just found your channel(subscribed!)and wanted to ask, do you have any suggestions on videos to watch to learn even the very basics of color correction and just over color on videos? I'm a small channel, but I'm trying to grow and I know I need a better camera and to improve my color among other things but I have trouble understanding the color stuff. I really need someone to talk to me like I'm 5. 😂 I'm super interested in learning all of it, I'm just not sure where to start or who to ask. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. 🤠🤙Again, really enjoy your videos, take care.

  5. Hay* I was at Vidsummit and I didnt get to see you as umm I was the Lunch Lady?!?!

    Anyway I was there and I wanted to tell you why***

    It is a Way to give back yo the creators who have helpped me..

    So* yeah here I am and Thank you for helping me with some film stuff.

    Me about to film a thing making sure my format is correct.

  6. More people watch on mobile. That's just a fact. More people own phones than computers. Another fact. Not to mention, we creators can just look up our data, and see who's using what. We don't make spontaneous moves like this for no reason. They're for our audience.

  7. Huge difference watching it on the same tv for me I honestly thought it’s all shot on the red now and exported as 4K. Never crossed my mind that the YT compression would mess up the FHD footage that much…

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