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Matt Granger Reviews YOUR Travel Photos!

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  1. You have never visited Edinburgh? That's a must see city. If you visit during August when the Edinburgh Festival is in full swing there's a cobbled road that runs from Edinburgh Castle all the way down the hill to the Scottish Parliament called the Royal Mile. At this time of the year this road is paradise for any would be street photographer. There will be countless street performers from all over the world. If the acts on the street don't interest you the performers promoting their shows are bound to grab your attention.

  2. Hiy'all, is that amed graphic o wall behind you 3, of an old contarex 'bulls eye' film camera?

    after trying to go eletronic with it, ziess gave up. did a deal with yashica, in early 70s

    my brother told me that tho well made and very expensive, they suffered over-engineering, – like if you rotated the focus ring of some lenses to fast, you could strip the very fine focus threads, maybe to much/inappropriate grease grease. it would e interesting to see your 'picture this' on ziess. the lenses made by yashica (kyocera) at their tomoika plant and sigma, are terrific.

    I have 2 contax N AF for my A7II. very good video. constructive critism is useful.

  3. I've never had the feeling that people think I'm a creep while taking photos in public places but I do often contend with this nagging feeling that everyone who sees me out shooting photos or video is thinking "oh, look at Mr. Unique Artist over here" or "check out the wannabe youtube filmmaker".

    I know in reality that while some people probably do think that way, the majority of people could not care any less about what I'm doing and many of them hardly take a long enough break from staring at their phones to even notice what I'm doing. It's still something that I actively have to get over almost every time I go out to shoot in any public place.

  4. The picture @ 36:16 or so has been inserted. The sun cannot receive light, that one in the picture receives top right light and notice also the shadowing bottom side of that sun. May have been created in a design application.

  5. I don't think taking photos of kids is a good idea full stop, unless they or their parents specifically agree. I also think you should not be publishing photos of kids without the express permission of the parents or responsible adult. Not that I imagine that the photographer has any ulterior motive, but what worries me is the perverts lurking on the internet that can grab those images and manipulate them for their own gratification.

    The kids under 16 but more specifically the much younger kids are not in a position to object or understand what the results of posting their images online could be.

    The bag of rice for drying a camera can work, the only thing to make sure though, is DO NOT switch it on. Take out the battery and if it was me, I would leave it for about 5 days.

  6. Re: the offsite backup discussion check out Amazon's AWS Snowball. They'll send you a device that you can load up to 100 Terabytes of photos or other data to. Send it back to them and they'll transfer it to your AWS account (S3 or Glacier service). If you have a huge archive you won't have to wait months to transfer it over the internet.

  7. Most photo reviews are retarded and this one is no exception. Photo reviews/critiques arent the point of photograpahy folks. Do you think HCB sent his photos out to be critiqued before he published them?

  8. It's interesting to have the settings in the corner, I think they can often tell a story. Like a really small aperture on a shot that doesn't need it combined with a long exposure – didn't have the ND filter that day. Or ISOs over 100 when the shutter speed is way faster than it needs to be for anything that's in the shot – left it in auto mode? Or a scene – the shot and the settings it was taken with – that show a desperation for more light in a situation where it should not have been in short supply – using a polarizing filter perhaps (sadly in a spot where it was really not needed)?

  9. Hi Matt
    I am a senior citizen and a beginner and for the last 5-6 years and I am using point & shoot cameras for uploding my photos to Facebook but i am not comfortable with the quality and sharpness of my photos. Hence I decided to come out of Auto mode to get the desired results. Recently I got Lumix G7 + 100-400 zoom lens. Can I get tac sharp photos with this gear? Pl. advise which mode should I go for. I am basically doing nature and wildlife [ birds ] photography. I would be happy to get your valuable expert advise.

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