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Manny Ortiz LIVE Portrait Critiques (Tony & Chelsea Live)

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  1. what is your opinion on annoying instagram trends, that people like brandon woelfel and michaelste, along with thousands of their followers that get nothing but praise? I'm so sick of it personally.

  2. The shot of the elderly cool man in the car at 9:50 … I love the photo but I actually wish it was more processed? Am I crazy? I don’t know why. I get it and I heard what they all said. And honestly I feel they right … but somehow I still just. Ugh. It’s like I love the shot and wanna jump to the sliders and start pinching contrast and clarity

  3. To be honest; My eye didn't go to the branding in the picture with the lightning either. – I think that's because, for one thing I don't like to pay attention to such things, but I also think you, Chelsea, are probably trained to scan for such things, being in this line of work. Just more critical of such things. (Correct me if I'm making stuff up.) – I was thinking more of the woman kind of looking like she became part of the building, like one of those statues. Which is kind of cool. – You could crop that picture into 2 or 3 different ones…

  4. great having manny on the show!! Tony! question. you mentioned on someones sqaurespace site that they shouldnt put their watermark on their photos ( on their website photos per-se mentioning that its too repetitive ) . why?? or can you at least explain . can i / they lower the opacity instead?

  5. I am stoked to see you guys collaborating like this. I wasn't as fond of the cropping on the Eiffel Tower. Where are her hands? What are they doing? etc. I would have liked to see the hand, but if not then would have cropped it at the torso/chest/armpit. I agree with Chelsea that I would liked more contrast. Otherwise great shot. I agree on the bokeh on the Eiffel Tower really working, and wanted to add that the monochromatic tones really worked for me. My favorite submission was the Elizabeth Atchley (green dress)!

  6. First, thank you for ALL of the great videos you have posted. I'm in my second year of photography and thank GOD I found you guys because you have taught me so much and you are a joy to view and listen to regularly. I have a long way to go to get my photos were I want them but have been fortunate to be hired by people that do like my work to date. Though I know it can be and will be better in due course!

    I grew up outside of Chicago, so Manny being from Chicago caught my interest in this video. I did subscribe to his channel as requested and will be viewing his videos because of you guys. I look forward to submitting photophaghs for your review as soon as I get the nerve to do so! (smile) In the meantime, it's about practice and learning more. I just purchased my second camera the 77D (first was a T5) and use your video on it to learn how to use it. I'm retired and trying to teach this old dog new tricks is truly promblematic, but I still persevere just the same. I have yet to buy your book, but will be doing so in the foreseeable future. In closing, let me express to you my most sincere thanks for all the you both have taught me on this new journey. You guys are simply…THE BEST!

  7. Regarding the photo of the girl in the tub, I'm very distracted by what appears to be the reflection of the photographer's face and arm to the left of her face, and the camera lens on the right.

  8. Actually love your reviews and videos.. Two comments.. 1. Maybe you should start using an actual grading system (not color-grading) for images… 2. If you click a slider you can use the mouse wheel for finer adjustments… Usually shift and ctrl…

  9. Awesome that you folks got Manny Ortiz on the show. He really has become one of my favorite YouTube photographers. He shows confidence, but he is humble. I use to follow Jason Lanier, but in my opinion his photos are nothing special to me (fashion to backgrounds, awkward at best) and not into his pushing of Sony. Also, Tony & Chelsea I have been following you folks the longest (maybe over three years). Keep doing the great content. You guys continue to rock.

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