Home Photography Make your photos INCREDIBLE with one click! My NEW Lightroom PRESET pack!

Make your photos INCREDIBLE with one click! My NEW Lightroom PRESET pack!

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NEW Lightroom PRESET PACK 2018! : https://goo.gl/1HNqRW The Music I use: https://goo.gl/IMZC9A – AMAZING for YouTubers Colour Graded with my PM …


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  1. Hmm, all my presets end up under one tab/folder, not like your list Peter.
    Really annoying when all presets are in just one long list and from diffrent creators..
    Any idea how to create folders inside the preset tab in LR? Can't do it, it seems like?

  2. One big question – at least for me.
    I’ve been using Camera Raw for
    years, and sometimes tried out Lightroom. Haven’t found enough reason to
    switch until now, as more color corrections/adjustments are available.
    When using presets, I tend to see a very big difference in output.

    I see two different workflow – one with an even look – but takes longer:
    – I adjust every image to proper exposure, color and white balance and more
    – When all of my images are done, I save them to a tif/jpeg
    – Then I apply the presets to get a more even look
    By going about the long way, I the preset adjust my “final” image.

    other workflow is to simply apply the preset from the start, and work
    with every single image from there. Getting the same tones and exposures
    just seems harder.

    I would just like to be able to adjust the image before I apply the preset – seems to give me the most pleasing results.

    Any thoughts?

  3. So, I just purchased these presets. I am pretty new to the whole using an actual camera and then editing the photos outside of my iPhone. Getting everything adjusted has been difficult and, if nothing else, time consuming… practice makes perfect. These have helped me out a lot on my edits today. Still not perfect but it makes it easier to deal with. Thank you!

  4. I just purchased lightroom a week ago, and have done the updates for it. it says i currently have version 2.4. This Video is from a year ago so i would assume i have the right requirements for this preset pack. Please let me know if i do. Thank you

  5. Hi Peter, I bought your Cinepack 1 and am unable to run it on my Lightroom. Is there any suggestions or help you or someone else can give? Running Win 10 and LR 8.4 and Camera Raw release 11.4, Thank you in advance.

  6. I can't get some of them to work. I apply the preset to a photo, it looks great, then when I move my curser over to the image, Lightroom alters the colors a bit and it doesn't look good anymore. What settings do I need to change?

  7. Hi, I Purchased the preset package but I can't get my preset tab to appear in my Lightroom, I watched the install video and followed the directions step by step but still nothing, Im running version 9.0… If anyone knows how I can solve this issue please respond letting me know

  8. Wasted $40 and about 4 hours trying to figure out how to install these presets. Decided to stop wasting my time when I seen that the recent comments from people all had the same issues. Lesson learnt.

  9. looking at the comments people are lost. the app was updated so everything moved to the right side and is now a click one by one you can no longer have it like peter showed

  10. I liked the fact that you conveyed at the end (starting from 13:20), where as other bloggers hide this fact and project that their presets would magically work on any images, fooling people around to buy.

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