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MACRO Photography Tips w/ Don Komarechka (Tony & Chelsea Live)

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  1. hi don your probably not gonna see this but i wanted to say that i recently have got an amazing job as a director of photograhy doing commercial macro photography (and lots of other photography) after leaving my old career (semi dead end retail) and focusing on my photography which is what I knew i always wanted to do since i was about 13 and used my dads nikon n2000 (im 33 btw),. ive spent many days scouring and digesting info online and working on my own personal skills, building a small studio, etc. when i saw this video on the sidebar i knew i had to watch it as i noticed your name from some of my favorite images… WOW. the way your present information, the depth of your skill, and your experience speak volumes to me. everything you say seems insightful and spot on. THANK YOU so much for doing this. I am going to watch the previous show next. Even will what i consider a professional skillset in macro, i learned so much, and you also reassured me of things that I have learned through trial and error. as you know, photo critques and discussion are one of the most valuable learning tools in photography and im just so happy to be able to share this time with you! cheers.

  2. Ohhh I can't wait for Irene she's the best ! Before I ever owned a camera Irene was the first Youtube channel I started watching she's so sweet and adorable with such gorgeous almost enchanted looking photos ! Digital rev was the second channel so having Kai and Irene in two weeks is amazing !

  3. I feel so bad after watching this since i found a dead wasp on my floor earlier today, thought about macro and then just decided to throw it out… The inspiration of this episode it so great!!

  4. Didnt know about 100mm being the ideal focal length. Lol. I sure was trying to put a ext tube on a 16mm not knowing that shifted focus inside then lens. Now I know. Thanks Don.

  5. Hey can you do a video about old school lenses that have mold/fungus on glass and where to take them to get fixed and if its an easy task to take upon myself. any suggestions on reputable places that can do that for cheap?

  6. Don is the King of Macro! i said it before and i'll say it again If your ever in the Montreal area ! Coffee on me lol, and if by any chance your up in Quebec for a photo project of any kind ! i would gladly be a assistant of any kind FREE OF CHARGE, heck id be happy to care bags around all day lmao.

  7. Informative and expert . However , so critical that it seems that not a single shot meets his standards . It degrades everyone who is even willing to start this kind of photography to zero.

  8. So about the next live show…portraits…Does it count if we have the person and the background? My understanding so far was that it must ONLY be the person's face. Do animals count?

  9. 35.20 Makes me think of this for some reason:

    "In the dawn an angel was dancing
    surrounded by an aura of light
    But in the shadows something was watching
    and with patience awaiting the night
    "Mournful night, attractive night,
    your dark beauty obsesses me"
    An angel bewitched by the shadows
    Seduced by the whispering lies"

  10. One of the things I love most about photography is Contrast and it is so well illustrated in this interview with Don Komarechka and the last video of yours that I watched with Moose Peterson. Don does such a great job of explaining complicated concepts of science and art. Please have Don Komarechka back often as I learn so much every time I hear him give a talk just a fantastic gest! Less Moose more Don.

  11. Go easy on the contrast on the double butterfly shot there dude 😀 The suttlety of the colour worked very well before you tewaked that. Love this Video though; the first one too. Don is such an inspiriation.

  12. I've been trying macro photography for a bit now. I think it's time for me to get a ring light now, instead of bumping up my ISO.
    This guy leaves nothing secret on this subject. He doesn't hold back info, unlike some other photographers.

  13. Great upload – and it's been said before: Don's scenes are extremely distracting with the lag and pixelation at times. Audio was wonderful though! Thank you for the upload – very informative and fun.

  14. Great video but I disagree with many of the comments about moving the insects. Would you move a tree? Would you move a mountain? Would you move a mammal? Why would you disrespect the insects because they are smaller and more manageable?

  15. Don and Gavin Hoey have got to be two of the nicest and most pleasant teachers of photography in all the world. They teach totally different aspects of the art yet simply make you feel great joy in bringing you into their work.

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