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MAC vs PC IN 2019

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  1. My MSI p65 was great…until the graphics card went black after 29 days. It happened at a mission-critical moment, so I ran out to Best Buy at a lunch break, bought a MacBook Pro 2019, and paid the difference. I wanted to love the MSI, but my MacBook never failed me. I still have a homegrown PC at home, but for mobile Pro Tools, I’m sticking with the mbp.

  2. Dude pc were always better it's been since past 15 years u were just not aware of that the only thing is that if u use apple exclusive softwares like final cut ,logic etc any 3rd party application pc were always better it's just u never went or stepped outside ur boundry to find out that's y even if u are a video editor or film maler u should have or had atleast stepped outside the boundary

  3. correct, I switched 2 years ago from mac to pc, I miss the software, but the price is doubling and the specs are being dumbed down so they can make 1000% profit! Pc is in a good spot right now if you do your research first and but smartly. Great vid!

  4. Them laptop specs are amazing. To be fair not a bad price either.
    I personally dont use laptops because if something gos wrong you got to do full surgery just to repair it as with a pc its pull the side panel off and you can get to everything from there.
    Also I just like having everything spread out across my desk and I know you can just plug a monitor, mouse and keyboard into a laptop but still I would never use a computer out and about. If i need to quickly check something i got my phone.

  5. I use Mac, but I use Final Cut Pro to edit. I think they integrate together well. I have used TRSdos, DOS, Windows, and Unix operating systems. When my son graduated from high school, he got a MacBook. At the same time, I got a new PC desktop. They had just moved to Vista. Vista was horrible and I had many problems. My son, on the other hand, had no issues with his Mac, for his entire college career. I made the switch to Mac and FCPX when it came out. I paid $300 and have never had to pay another dime. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. I can’t imagine renting Adobe. Very happy using FCPX and Motion on Mac.

  6. I’m a huge apple fan.. but until about 2011 I would’ve said Mac all the way. Once premiere came out with proxy options and Resolve released version 15 I say PC all the way. Macs are seriously underpowered for what u pay for and u can’t even upgrade any of their laptops. There’s a lot of value when u can open a self built pc tower exchange the hard drive for an ssd and put whatever ram ur motherboard lets u max out to. When u look at it that way … macs suck

  7. I've been using Macs since around 2000. Apple has pretty much abandoned the computer/laptops area. They make all their profits on phones and that seems to be where they're putting all their efforts. My next computer will probably be a PC. From there, I may be able to break away from the iPhone too.

  8. I struggle with the idea of switching because of upgradability, if something isn't preforming to my standards, pop open my custom computer and swap something out. With apple you are pretty much screwed if there is something that isn't preforming up to your standards. Apple also has huge price tags for crap preformance, like 1200 dollars for a slow dual core i5 and only 8gigs of memory? I can build a computer that stomps that thing for a way lower price. I also like video games so that's also another reason I don't switch. If I'm ever going to switch operating systems I'm jumping to Linux for sure.

  9. hey matti could you do a video where your editor do a 2 hour tutorial video on'' how to edit in'' in adobe premier ,after effect and how he export his videos and do graphics for the channels videos

  10. Jesus so much hate. I agree. By the time I save up 3k for a mac. I could have bough a cheaper PC and still have used adobe. So if program is the same then mac or pc shouldnt matter, I might have to go back to PC. I same started with the first mac unibody. Its more of a hassle confort decision rather than a money for your buck decision

  11. Sadly I agree with you on the whole MAC vs PC thing, I have MAC everything but in the last 5 years Apple has made zero strides towards better hardware. Even though I MUCH prefer the MAC experience vs the PC, I am not willing to pay enormous prices for a product that doesn't actually do anything for me besides look pretty. I am looking into doing the switch myself.

  12. While it is essentially true that buying a Mac is not financially sound these days if you compare hardware specs directly PC vs Mac, forgetting about the stylish Mac OS and the ecosystem integration, but what was that lame BS about Mac not being able to cope with drone footage? What drone are your talking about? Dji? They use h.264 or h.265 codecs that any current macbook pro can deal with easily. Not only that, but iPad Pro can do it just fine. How can you put such obvious BS in an otherwise plausible video?

  13. The only reason why you would want to consider windows is the price of SSD and maybe some other hardware components. Other than that windows sucks so much, that I encourage everyone to buy a windows machine and to have fun with it. I‘ll sit here smirking sadistically with my mac.

  14. yes, pcs are and were always better in price/performance ratio, only now with all this hipster hyping and changing, they realised what we know for years now. only problem is, as apple is going down hardware wise, windows is getting nasty in some other way, which is really not cool, specially from introduction od windows 10 (win 8 was start of that). i'm talking about updates bloating, about deliberate locking or slowing hardware by drivers (here apple is no exception) etc etc. there are some reviews comparing ios (let say linux vs windows etc) and there some specific software (ake blender etc) runs almost twice as fast as in windows (on same hardware).

    so this is what you gert this days, you can't be rally sure in anything, os and software and hardware manufactures (yes apllesoft, adobe, nvidia, hp etc, you know what i'm talking about) are just being pricks really and makes you really not getting what you think you paying for. this is not cool and it have to stop. it would be great, if linux etc gets more support from software developers etc, but then again, they are all same mob, at least when it comes to big players, which control the market really. if they decide, that even your new top specced machine would not run fast enough, since you're not getting right brand or something, it wont.

  15. I used a MacBook Pro in college and bought a PC after I graduated, so much more bang for my buck. I do like Apple products, but the cost is high and I don't like a lot of the decisions Apple makes as a company.

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