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Lytro Illum Hands-on Review

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We’ve got our hands on the new Lytro Illum? Perhaps you haven’t heard of Light Field Photography, but that’s what the Lytro Illum ( http://amzn.to/1zm8bcG) is all …


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  1. Why does it feel that people (youtube tech and camera community who are also regularly invited to review mainstream products like, nikon, canon, sony fuji) who are habituated to these ms cameras, don't want the technology to move further? Is this just nostalgia or more than that

  2. Saw vid in 2018. I was disappointed how easily you gave up on street photography. At the end, obviously using another camera. It was obvious you don't like this product by how little it was shown off. Is Hon Kong just about the streets and the people there; must be plenty of opportunities there

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